How to target visitors in a particular geographic location?

target visitors in a particular geographic location
Geographic target
Google Blogger platform always popular for its special features. Currently over 500 Million blogger are actively using this platform from around the world. There are zillions of local users are using Google Blogger for their personal, Business and other various purposes. But local blogger don’t need any significant number of traffic from other geographic location. So in this case the webmaster should target visitors in a particular geographic location.
For example A blog from China with Chinese language don’t expect readers or visitors from India, because generally readers won’t understand the content. On contrary, Indian blog with Hindi language Chinese readers won’t understand the language. For this reason webmaster require a solution thus they can receive traffic locally.
Google Webmaster will allow you to have geotargeting features through their webmaster tools. If you specify your site for specific geographic location in Google Search engine then Google will index your site to improve Google's search results for geographic queries.
If your site has a standard top-level domain, such as .com or .org etc. then you can specify a geographic location. But there are country domain such as .bd, .in, .cz, .us, .uk, .ca, .de, etc. then you don’t need to specify your blog for geographic location. If you want to specify geographic location then you won’t able to specify with those domain.
In this case Google rely on several indications such as IP address, on the page location information, links to the page, and also collect relevant information if your site is register with Google Places.
Anyway we will use now Google Webmaster Tools to tell which country is associated with your site for geographic target.
Step 1 Go to Google Webmaster Tools and Sign in to account
Step 2 Now click the site which you want geotarget (If you have more than 1 blog site).
Step 3 Click the Gear icon and then click Site Settings.
Step 4 In the Geographic target section click on checkbox
site setting
Step 5 Now Target users in: option will activate and select the country which you want to target.
Step 6 Finally hit the save button. that's it.
Now your blog will target only your selected geographical location. If you want to not target visitors geographically after implementing this tutorial then just unlisted the checkbox beside  Target users in:. Actually this is mostly suitable for local business site because a Chinese restaurant located in china might not interest folk from India. So hope this tutorial will help you to target your visitors geographically.
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