Google AdWords included Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool

Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool

We have already got news about new looks of Google Adwords which made more easy to create and publish ads. Google continuously improving all of their product portfolio this is the result of new look of Google Adwords. Recently Google has announced that they are integrating Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool with Google Adwords. And this tool will help marketers to better  understand their AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords user can see five attribution models in their account and compare the attribution model for analyzing keywords, Ad groups and campaign. Initially 3 attribution models can be analyze at a time for better keyword analyze. However you can't get last click conversions.

Modeling Tool
The main features of Search Funnel's five attribution models in the new tool are:

  • Last click: It will gives all credit for the conversion to the last-clicked keyword.
  • First click: Similarly this indicate all credit for the conversion to the first-clicked keyword.
  • Linear: The linear represent distributes of the credit for the conversion equally across all clicks on the path.
  • Time decay: Time decay will gives more credit to clicks that happened closer in time to the conversion.
  • Position-based: This is combination of the first- and last-clicked keyword where it will gives 40% of credit to both the first- and last-clicked keyword and with the remaining 20% spread out across the other clicks on the path.
This tool work effectively for advertisers, so those who are advertising through AdWords they should stay tuned for this amazing tools. From Google official site we have got news that Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool already rolled out but I just checked my account still didn't get this tool. Hopefully over the week most of the Google Adwords account holder will able to see the tools for using. 

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