How to create Blog post by Email in Blogger?

create Blog posts by Email

Blogger Platform is more flexible than any other platform. Google blogger tailored with huge features to provide excellent user experience to its users. We can create blog post by using smartphone as well as we can use email to create new blog post. This is known as Mail-to-Blogger feature, you can post to your blog using any email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook). But you have to setup your secret email address first. So for integrating your email with Google Blogger for creating new blog post via email just follow the below simple steps-

Step 1 Blogger Dashboard -> Settings ->Mobile and Email ->Posting using email

email menu

Step 2 Now provide any secret words on there. Your secret email address will consist of your username (which you use to log into your Google account) followed by Secret Words which you can set. In case of secret words you can use 4 to 20 characters. For example-


post via email

Step 3 You can choose options for publishing email or save to email as draft before publishing.

secret email

Step 4 Finally click on Save Settings button from top right corner of the page.

How to create Blog Post via email?

This is very simple to create posts via email. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Compose your post and add image on your email body

Step 2 Now send it to your secret blogger email address which you have just created.

That's All.

Posting by email can be sent as raw text or rich HTML (which will be formatted according to the CSS styles applied to your posts). To include images in posts sent by email, you can simply attach the images to your email and images will be published at the top of the post.
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