How to create Blog posts by SMS/MMS, Android & Apple Device?

Blog posts by SMS/MMS, Android & Apple Device

Though Smartphone users are rapidly increasing so people are using Desktop rarely. Sometime webmaster don’t get any chance to create post by using Desktop or Laptop, so it may hamper them for publishing fresh post regularly. Nevertheless don’t worry Blogger will allow you to make post by using your mobile phone through SMS/MMS, Android and Apple devices.For publishing a youmust have to set you mobile phone device on your Blogger account. There are 2 ways can be used for posting through mobile device.
  • Use Smartphone for Android or Apple device
For posting from your mobile phone just go to -

Step 1 Blogger Dashboard -> Settings ->Mobile and Email -> Add mobile devices


Step 2 Now Google blogger will give you verification code for MMS and SMS

verification code

Step 3 If you are not from USA then send the code through your email to And for activating SMS simply send the code to 256447 (This code may differ from country to country.).


Step 4 You will receive a message in your mobile device from with Success! Your mobile phone was verified

mobile and email

However you must add your phone number in your Blogger account before. And now your mobile phone is set for creating post by SMS/MMS, Android & Apple Devices.

If you have a non-US phone number or wish to post pictures then email the code to If your phone doesn’t support MMS, you can text the code to 256447 (BLOGGR). After sending the verification code via text, you can start posting by texting your posts to the same number.

Images for blog posts are currently limited to 250K each. If you exceed the size then a notification message will display.

After sending the code this will create a new mobile blog for you, and you should receive both notifications and a verification code sent to your phone.

You can claim your blog at a later date by using this verification code. You have log in to your mobile blog at using the verification code.

If you are using Android and Apple apps for Blogger then you would able to use more advanced system of blogging including rich content, photographs taken with your smartphone, your location and post labels.

Some screen shot given below of  Android device-


Blogger Dashboard on Android Device

mobile image

Compose Mode for creating Blog Posts

To get started, download the appropriate app for your device:
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