WordPress SEO: How to update Ping list to maximum Search Engines?

WordPress SEO: How to update Ping list to maximum Search Engines?

WordPress ping

Whenever publish a posts on Blog search engine take step to crawl your post several time. So Blogger has maximum opportunity to crawl their post on different search engine after making constant post. But often it takes specific time to understand by search engine that your site has created new post or made some changes. Beside of this there are some pinging service which can instantly inform the search engine that your site has made some changes. We can use those pinging service if we have made new posts or changes in our Blog Meta Title and Meta description. But constant pinging a blog or website may be penalize by search engine. So the ideal routine for pinging a blog twice in a week. But must ping after creating a new post.

In WordPress Blog after creating a post it sends ping to all preset pinging services. And those pinging service help to maximize visibility of your WordPress post on search engines. In addition, it will help to index your blog pages rapidly.

Those who are new to WordPress you would notice that by default it is providing only one pinging service. But you can update your pinging service by adding more services. For better search engine optimization every WordPress users must use ping service. So for adding new pinging service in your WordPress blog just follow the below simples steps- 

Step 1 Go To http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/ and sign in to your account

Step 2 From WordPress Dashboard go to –>Setting ->Writing


Step 3 Add some other pinging service web address. I am sharing some Blog Search pinging service for WordPress But I will provide major pinging service later
  • http://blogsearch.google.com.vn/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.de/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.es/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.fi/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.fr/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.gr/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.hr/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.ie/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.it/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.jp/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.lt/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.nl/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.pl/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.pt/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.ro/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.ru/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.se/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.sk/ping/RPC2
  • http://blogsearch.google.us/ping/RPC2
Step 4 Finally hit the Save Changes button to take effect the changes.

update service

For adding new pinging service you must be careful because if you add same pinging service 2 times then your post will ping twice at a time. And that may penalize your blog link on search engine.

Hope this tutorial will help you to walk through on WordPress SEO. I will write more tutorial that will cover the topic about WordPress SEO completely.
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