What exactly Domain Name and Web Hosting?

What exactly Domain Name and Web Hosting?
If you are planning to create blog or website then you must be familiar with Domain Name and Web Hosting. 

Newbie always confused or unknown about those things that what exactly domain name and web hosting? 


I will explain those things very easily.

What is Domain Name?

Every human being has a name which can easily create identity of individual person. Similarly in case of website there must be a name which will create their own identity. And this name known as Domain. It is just like dominating something. The only one thing is that 2 domain name can’t be similar with others like human.  

For example, my website name is bloggerspice.com and I am registered owner of this name and nobody can own this name. And bloggerspice.com is my domain name.

domain suffux

In case of domain registration we see it ends with .com which is called suffix. Domain name will not always with .com suffix because there are different suffix are using for domain like, .net, .org, .org, .edu. 

I think you are bit confused that why are using those suffix? 

There are simple reason for using .net, .org, .gov, .edu etc.

  • .net use for networking site
  • .org use for organization
  • .gov use for governmental site
  • .edu use for educational organization site

More interestingly when we go for register a domain name then if your favorite domain name by .com is not available then there is a chance to get on .net or .org suffix.

Beside of this there are some local domain where you can register for local site. Such as-
  • .bd for Bangladeshi local domain
  • .in for Indian local domain
  • .uk for United Kingdom local domain

Now the question is how we can get domain name? For getting domain name you must find out first a unique name which is not using by any website or blog. 

There are many domain name seller available locally and over the net. Just you have to pay an annual fee $9 to $12 for purchasing a domain name. And you must renew the domain name yearly by giving renewal fee.

What is Web hosting?

I was started with an example that human name  and domain name. So human need dwell for living and domain name also need space for existing. That space for existing we can say hosting storage space. For more clarity I am giving another real example,  In BloggerSpice I am publishing blog post regularly with text, images and sometime adding video tutorial. 

So for those text, image and videos a storage space must require. For this reason we have to buy hosting which is simply say storage space for our website or blog data. And my blog is hosted on Google blogger that means all of my post text, images, and videos saving on Google.

web hosting

More clearly, if we upload a video clip of YouTube then our video is hosting by YouTube.

Web hosting is vary platform to platform. For example, I am using Google Blogger and they are giving me free hosting space. For this reason I have only purchased Domain name not any hosting space. But if you want to use WordPress, Opencart or any other platform then you must buy hosting storage.

There are many popular web hosting seller available over the net. Such as HostGator, GoDaddy, Blue, DreamHost, BlueHost, Askforhost etc. You can simply purchase space from those site and integrate your domain name with hosting.

In conclusion, hope this article will help you to differentiate between the domain name and hosting space. 

Google Blogger user sometime become confuse about hosting name that they think hosting name and domain name must be similar but this is not necessary because Goggle identify your site by name server and site verification.
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