How to maintain an ideal and error free contact us page?

How to maintain an ideal and error free contact us page?

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Contact us page is most vital part of a blog or website. So every webmaster should take extra care about contact us page. Blog or website without contact us page can’t imagine. And most of the cases visitor think the blog for spamming. Because spammer don’t share any contact email for visitors.

If your blog or website contain critical or complex articles then visitors must try to contact with you for more clarification, beside of this if anyone wants to submit Guest article then your contact email must be publish for visitors. But often we make some mistake in case of contact us page. So I am going to explain how to keep contact us page error free.

1. Ideal Space for Contact Form or link

If you are planning to use contact form then ideal places for placing contact form in Sidebar, Footer or you can use floating contact form. Beside of this you can simply add link of contact us page in menu bar.

2. Create Separate Contact Us Page

Contact form is not always prefer by webmaster and visitors. Sometime your template or theme has doesn’t have enough space, in this case you must create separate contact us page. This is not only matter of space but also it looks professional. In addition you add extra information in your contact page.

3. Avoid Spam

Webmaster often publish their email address directly which may use by spammer. Often I see BloggerSpice’s email submitted by spammer to RSS email submission but fools don’t know that without my confirmation RSS won’t send me any email updates. So be aware about spammer and use contact form instead of email address.

In some cases robot use email automatically. So you can write email as name [AT] instead of

4. Check for Broken Contact Form

In case of using contact form we often use third party contact service but this is not always work perfectly and smoothly. As far as I can remember, before releasing Google’s official contact form I used to with a popular third party contact form service. But anyhow those contact service was terminated their service for certain period of time. But they didn’t given me any notification. As a result for 2 months I didn’t receive any email from my readers. And when I check my contact form then I saw the contact form is broken.

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And I can write email in contact form but it doesn’t send to my email address. So make sure your third party contact form is ok and at least check it once in every month.

5. Always update information in contact us page

Most webmaster create contact form once and don’t visit second time. But we should update information in contact us page. Suppose you have announce something about some rules then you should add the information in contact us page. Suppose you will go for vacation or out of town for any important work and in this time visitors sending email but you are not in touch with your blog or website. As a result, visitors may stop contacting with you and leave your site forever. So it’s better to leave a short message on Contact us page about your leave. 

Or suppose you have recently stop publishing Guest article then you can mention if you contact form for stop receiving unnecessary email from Guest article writer.

6. Share contact us page link in Your Social Media Accounts

For making way of contact easier you can share your contact us page link or email address in your social media profile. Webmaster always hasn’t enough time to sing in to all his/her social media profile. In this case you can share your contact us page link or email address in social media page.

I often face some problem that often I receive email in BloggerSpice’s Facebook account but I don’t log in to my Facebook account regularly. So I have added my contact us page link to contact with me directly. As a result, now most of the email I am receiving in to my email account and replying to my readers’ messages constantly.

Have you any suggestion for making contact page perfect? Let us know in the comments

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