Add, Rename And replace Blogger label safely

Add, Rename And replace Blogger label safely
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We knows that publishing blog post required categorize each posts. But this is not mandatory that you must have to use label or category for post publishing. But for more specification of post and to make search convenience for visitors or readers you must use appropriate label or category.

Sometime webmaster make mistake to select appropriate label for categorizing their posts. Even I have made some mistake but my blog age is over one year and published many posts under wrong label. So was finding a way that how I can rename my some label and replace existing label with another one.

Yes I know you can say we can do it manually but if you have already publish over 100 posts then it is not possible to rename manually because you have to visit and edit each post. And after editing each post Google boat will may take time to re-index the posts.

Luckily I have found the trick on Google support site that we can easily rename our blog label or replace any label with another one without any harm. So this idea has taken from Google so don’t worry you can try this in your blog. And finally I have made a significant change in my blog. I have removed some unnecessary label. Added new label by replacing old one and extended label to write more content. You can say refurbishment of blog. 

I am explaining below step by step that how we can rename or replace Blogger label safely. However before proceed take a full backup of your blog.

my tricks

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard
Step 2 Click on -> Posts -> Label Value Area -> Select Any Label


Step 3 Now select all posts through the check box in -> Group tick box


Step 4 Now go to Label Actions Button for Add, Rename and Replace label

label action button

Adding a new label to older posts

To add a new label to older post just follow the below steps-

Step 5 Click on ->Label Actions Button ->Dropdown menu-> then select New Label

Step 6 Now write new label in -> Enter New Label text box -> Click on OK.

new trick

Removing label from existing posts

To remove label you must select the specific post. or you can select up to 50 posts at a time.

Step 5 Click on label (e.g. SEO) you want to remove -> Label Actions Button -> Dropdown menu

Step 6 Now select same Label (e.g. SEO) that you want to remove -> Click on OK.

Renaming an existing label

Renaming a label is a combined work which will add new label and removing the original one. Just follow the below steps for renaming a label.

Step 5 Click on label (e.g. SEO) you want to rename ->Label Actions Button ->Dropdown menu

Step 6 Now select same Label (e.g. SEO) that you want to rename -> add in the new label-> Click on OK.

Now check any link under older label and see your blog will redirect to error 404 page. But don’t worry your renamed label will be index soon after crawling of Google Boat. To make rapid index make few posts as soon as possible and ping your site to tell search engine that your blog has made a significant changes. If you have already used this tutorial kindly share your experience with us.
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