How To Update Google AdSense old code with new Asynchronous ad code for faster load

How To Update Google AdSense old code with new Asynchronous ad code for faster load
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Google AdSense officially announced the asynchronous script by Michael Kleber, Tech Lead of the Ads Latency Team. This is a good news for AdSense user those who are currently monetize their blog or website AdSense ads. Because Google AdSense has launched Asynchronous ad code for Google AdSense. As a result now your ads will load faster than before. But currently this is in Beta version and Google AdSense team are waiting for releasing final version. In the meantime they will collect problematic issue about this new code thus a publisher can use it perfectly. Fortunately I have convert all of my AdSense code to Asynchronous ad code and my site loading time has increase 4.9%.  As Google is now emphasizing on Page speed so it is working now on AdSense. A blog site's loading speed is depending number of Ads on that particular site. After updating Google AdSense Policy now we can add 3 Ad Units and 3 Link Units so to monetize properly we have to add 6 ads which means 6 new JavaScript file and it makes site very slow. To overcome from this problem Google has taken this technique.

What is Asynchronous ad code

Asynchronous  means not synchronized. that means not occurring at predetermined or regular intervals. Previous AdSense code load at a time when a blog or website load but now it will use predetermined interval which will help to load ads within certain intervals.  More simply now AdSense Ads will load intermittently rather than in a steady stream. Asynchronous ads can be called start-stop transmission.

Asynchronous script is especially best suited for mobile and responsive design. Though we are diverting on Responsive design so Google also recommending to update AdSense ad units into asynchronous code which lead to load your ads quickly. The script only needs to appear once on the page and it doesn't require to reload again and again after every page refresh.

How to Get AdSense Asynchoronous Code

Step 1 Sign In to your AdSense account (e.g. go to

Step 2 Click on My Ads-> Create an +New Ad Unit and Click on Get Code

get AdSense code

Step 3 Now from code type select Asynchoronous (BETA)

Asynchronous ad code

Step 4 Finally copy the code and Paste it into your blog or website.

How To Update Old AdSense Code with Asynchoronous Code

First get the AdSense ads code from your blog or website site which is you are currently using. And now follow the below steps to convert the code-

Step 1 Sign In to your AdSense account (e.g. go to

Step 2 Click on My Ads-> Click the Import old ad code link


Step 3 Now Click write AdSense Unit name and Paste the code that you copied into the Old AdSense Code

Import code

Step 4 Click Import. This creates a new AdSense unit with the same settings as the old one.

Step 5 Replace the old code on your pages with the newly generated code, and save your pages.

Hope this tutorial will help you to add AdSense Asynchoronous Code to make your blog or website faster. If you feel any difficulty then kindly leave a comment below I will help you as soon as possible. 
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