How to Scan BlogSpot, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla Site for Malware Script

How to Scan BlogSpot, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla Site for Malware Script

Site health is an important factor for blogger. Because if your site is not with good health then you may receive less visitor or traffic. There are different issue about site health such as Loading speed, less JavaScript, Malware free site.  When your site load fast, You have used few JavaScript and your site is completely free from any kinds or virus specially Malware then we can say your site is healthy. Recently AdSense scorecard features has introduced and you would find a option about your blog site health therefore you would able to aware about your blog site's health status.

Malware is very bad for any site because it will affect your site as well as your visitors site. Suppose you have created a widget script which has included malware and when your blog visitors use add this script on their site then their site also affect by Malware. Due to malware Google block your site as soon as possible and also search engine will block your site. As a result visitors won't be able to enter into your blog site. So it is necessary to keep clean your  blog from Malware.

In 2011 on my previous blog was affected by Malware when I just added a script from my Affiliate and second time my blog was affected by malware when I have added a Random post script. So you must be careful about using script. So go for trust able site to use widget. In this article I will share with you that how you can scan your blog for Malware Script. Just follow the below steps..


Securi is number one in blogger security scanning. I have used this scanner for the first time. And this is very easy to use as well as it will not only give you the Malwar affect warning but also it will give you exactly which file has infected by Malware. After scanning your a site Sucuri generally block IP of suspicious users. And it will provide full information in details. Currently this service is using by many popular site like BBC, CNN, PC World.
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Sucuri support WordPress, BlogSpot, Dropal, Joomla and many Platform

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VirusTotal Scanner

VirusTotal Scanner is reliable because this is Goggle's approval site. It provides completely free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware. Currently this is leading Malware scanner service. And as Google subsidiary service it makes more reliable.
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Web Inspector

Web inspector is another free Malware scanner tool and this service is providing by Comodo. It will not only scan site for Malware but also it provide several free service Blacklist Checking, Phishing, Malicious Activity, Malware Downloads and Suspicious Activity. However you wouldn't get details information like Sucuri or VirusTotal scanner. I have used this for one month but it has blocked some good site with malware affected site. As a result finally I have stop using it. But those who want higher security then you can use it.
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Finally, If you find any malware script then as soon as possible remove the code and save the template. It is often required to keep your blog backup daily in a folder by date wise. So if your site has affected then easily you can restore from backup file. If you have any more idea then please share with us by leaving a comment below. 
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