4 Best Ways to Embed Instagram Videos Inside Blogger Post

Do you want to share media such as a Instagram video within your posts? Learn how to embed your Instagram photos or videos on Blogger Blog Post easily.
How to Show/Embed an Instagram Photo in a WordPress Post or Page

Recently, Facebook owned Instagram and launched Instagram Video program. Recently, one of our users asked us to write an article about Adding Instagram Videos inside Blogger Post? So, I searched about this topic over the internet. Now, in this article I'll show you How to Embed Instagram Videos inside Blogger Post. There are many third-party sites to embed videos from Instagram. So, adding videos from Instagram to blogger is so easy and can get you real Instagram likes from your visitors. Recently, I wrote an article about 3 Ways to Add YouTube Videos inside Blogger Post in my blog. Likewise, here I'll show you to add Instagram Videos in Blogger.

Well, in this article I have listed the four easiest methods to add Instagram videos inside blogger post. Apart from these methods, there is no any option is available. But, you can get many tools online for this topic.So it requires the web browser which is capable of playing HTML5 video. Let's see how.

Method 1: Adding Videos by using Online Tool

  • Visit http://ctrlq.org/instagram/
  • Then paste your Instagram video link in that URL box and hit Generate Embed codes.
  • Then copy those embed code and go to Blogger -> Add a new Post -> HTML Section and paste it.
  • That's it.

Method 2: Adding Videos by Changing URL's

  • Now watch your video that you want to embed and copy its URL.
  • Then in that URL just add "/embed" at the end. For example,
  • [http://instagram.com/p/azy9NFHipI/] - Before adding “/embed ". And now [http://instagram.com/p/azy9NFHipI/embed] - After adding " /embed ".
  • After editing this you can add the video by using iFrames.
<iframe frameborder='0' height='292' src='http://instagram.com/p/azy9NFHipI/embed?byline=0&amp;portrait=0' width='417px'/>
  • Just change the Highlighted link with your edited links.
  • Then copy the embed code and go to Blogger > Add a new Post > HTML Section and paste it.
  • That's it.

Method 3: Adding Videos by Embedded Code

  • Visit the URL of the video on Instagram by using Google chrome, safari or Firefox that you want to embed.
  • Then Right click on the video and select “Inspect element”.
  • Search the code in the inspector with Text div class ”Video” . There, you can find the Instagram video starting with http://distilleryvesper URL.
  • Now, Right click on the code and copy the HTML and go to Blogger > Add a new Post > HTML Section and paste it.
For example the code will be like this,
<video controls="controls" poster="http://distilleryimage3.s3.amazonaws.com/2ea7416ad9e311e28f2322000a9e0753_7.jpg" width="600" height="640"><source src="http://distilleryvesper3-7.ak.instagram.com/2ea7416ad9e311e28f2322000a9e0753_101.mp4" type="video/mp4"></source>
Here the video URL is so important. So be careful while adding your URL.

Method 4: Adding Videos by using embed.ly

  • First visit Embed http://embed.ly/
  • Then paste your Instagram video url and click “Try it”
  • And click “Copy Embed Code”
  • Now go to Blogger -> Add a new Post -> HTML Section and paste it.
  • That's it.
I hope you have followed me. If you have any better suggestion for adding instagram videos on YouTube then make us know in comments.

4 Ways to Embed Instagram Photos and Videos
How can I embed my Instagram photos or videos on Blogger?

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