Why blogger fail to make money through their Blog?

Why blogger fail to make money through their Blog?
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We are living at the edge on all modern technology that make our life easy. Even 10 years ago we have to depend on different physical or mental activity to earn money but online open the door for earnings. Now people can make money with little effort over online. There are many people depending on online income for survive. There are huge option to earn money over the net but many people become victim by falling in scam trap. As a result after giving valuable time and effort your income may be ultimately zero. Beside of this we can earn money by blogging which is a legit way to generate revenue. However if you choose scam advertising company you may become victim too. For this reason I have find out some major reason that why a blogger can’t earn money from their blog. From my point of view every blogger should remember those issue before proceed to earn money.

1. Choosing wrong Affiliate network

This is a big issue when a blogger spend their time and give their effort on their blog to make money but they fail to earn money only for choosing wrong affiliate or advertising network. I have mentioned before that there are huge scam advertising network that they don’t pay money even if you display their ads. Beside of this there are some affiliate ads those who doesn't show relevant ads on blog. Suppose your blog is about SEO but your affiliates are showing ads relating to Movie. So SEO lover won’t show interest to click on movie related ads. As a result your PPC (Pay Per Click) income will be lower and before reaching minimum payout threshold they won’t pay you a penny. In this case many blog takes 6 to 8 month to make $50. So connecting with those affiliate ad network is useless.

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2. Absent of trendy topics

Trendy topic always get priority on blog. If you want to just reproduce same article which has already published on thousands of blog then your readers will feel boor. And don’t show their interest to go through your blog even they can skip your article or exit from your blog without reading, which leads to higher bounce rate and lower page view and eventually your PPI (Pay per impression) income will lower. 

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3. Ads unit are not customized

If you are using affiliate ads like Google AdSense or Media.net then you have chance to earn money through it but if you don’t customize the ad units then you won’t able to earn money according to your expected level. It is often required customization your ad units according to your blogger templates color and size. For example, my template’s base color is Black+White+Royal Blue and Royal blue is highlighting color, for this reason I have customized all of my AdSense and Yahoo Ads with Royal Blue color. It helps me to generate more revenue because custom color made link unit more attractive which often generate lower revenue. 

4. Ads Placement and Size

After customization it is very important to place the right size ads on right place. Now question may come which place is right place? But It may differ on various template design and size. The best way to find more revenue generating ad space try to change placed ad unit and see the result which area get more click. Ad size is also a big factor it can be undoubtedly that 300X250 px ads generate more revenue. If you are using Google AdSense then you can add 900X90 px ads to generate more revenue. So choose some right size which is best for your site.

5. Not Focusing on Particular Niche

This is another problem that you are not focusing on specific niche. Sometime blogger concentrate on wide niche as a result their income is very low as a result most of them give up at the middle of road. So try to focus specific niche and build your audience to  get more page view which can be lead to generate more revenue.

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Hope those tips will help you to generate more revenue from your blog. But if you want to really earn money they not only depend on your blog try to use all possible source of income. 
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