How to Setup Google AdSense for Google Custom Search Result Page?

How to Setup Google AdSense for Google Custom Search Result Page?
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Google AdSense is the best affiliate to generate revenue rapidly and this is also known as affiliate leaders over the net. There are tons of article you will find about AdSense alternative but nobody can compete with Google AdSense. Most of the blogger knows about Google AdSense ads placement system. Google AdSense will allow us 3 Ad units 3 Link units and 2 Custom Search Engines. Everybody knows how to place 3 Ad units 3 Link units on blog easily. But what about the 2 Custom Search Engines for AdSense? This may be unfamiliar to us but we can easily increase our revenue by displaying ads on search result. More clearly, when somebody search something on your blog then the Google AdSense ads will appear with search result page. Sounds like good and we can monetize our AdSense ads properly by full utilization of all ad units. 

I have seen many popular who doesn't enable this options but still there is a chance to increase our income by displaying AdSense ads on search result page. So I will explain in details how we can displaying AdSense ads on search result page. I have classified the total process within 4 section A | B | C | D and adequate images added for your better understanding. If you want to see demo then search something on my search box and it will show the result page with AdSense Ads. 

A. Search

Step 1 Login to your AdSense account and select My Ads

Step 2 Now click on Search ->Custom search engines

Step 3 Give any Name from Name field (e.g Blogger Spice Search)

Step 4 Under What to Search select Only sites I selectand write your Blog Address.

Step 5 In Keywords field write some keyword which is related to your blog

Step 6 Now Put Tick on check box for SafeSearch.

Step 7 Country of Territory Select United States.

Step 8 Site Language field should be your blog language. (e.gEnglish, Indonesian)

Google Ads

B. Search Box Style

Step 1 Under this options you will find Look and feel with 7 search box style. Select best suit  

according to your template color.

Step 2 Text box length you can set the character to change the width of the search box.

Search box style

C. Ad style

Here you can customize ads according to your own color preferences. You can change the color of Ad unit’s Border, Title, Background, Text, URL, and Visited URL.
Search results

custom AdSense

Step 1 Select Display results among 3 options. On a Google Page in the same window is better.

Step 2 Logo Image URL Give your blog Logo image link here. When search page will open then your blog logo will display.

Step 3 Logo destination URL write here your Blog/site address. When visitor will click on your logo then it will redirect to your blog/site home page.

Step 4 Logo Position you can select Above search box or Beside search box. Select any one according to your choice.

Step 5 Now Hit the Save and get Code button a popup window will appear with 2 code Search box code and Popular queries code.

Google Search box

Note: Search box code will display your Google Custom Search box and Popular queries code will collect query or Keywords from visitors.

D. How to add code on your blog?

Step 1 Go to your blogger account ->Layout

Step 2 Click on Add a Gadget-> ‘’HTML/Java Script’’

Step 3 Now copy the 2 code Search box code and Popular queries code and Paste it into 

‘’HTML/Java Script’’.

earn money

Step 4 Now hit the save button.

Step 5 Now write some query on your search box and click on Search then see a new page will appear with search result. And your AdSense ads will display at the top of the page below your blog logo.

search result page

Hope this tutorial will guide you to setup Google AdSense for search result page. You can place 2 search Box so if you want to place another search box at the bottom of your blog then go through the above steps and create another Search code. If you feel any trouble then feel free to leave a comment below I will reply you as soon as possible. 
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