How to Improve Alexa Rank in 30 days with Manual and Automatic Process

what is alexa Rank? How to boost Alexa rank rapidly? Boost Your Alexa Rank Quickly in 2019 (Best Tricks to Improve Ranking). Learn how to get alexa ranking for free. Manual and Automatic process to Boost Alexa Rank Rapidly.

Blogger always want Page Rank for their blog and try to boost up by all means. Page rank can be from Google, Alexa, WTO and many more. But to attract your visitors and advertiser Google Page Rank and Alexa rank is most important. 

In this article I will discuss some effective points which will help to increase your Alexa rank rapidly.

improve alexa rank in 30 days

Alexa generally measure the site rank by unique traffic and blog popularity. You can increase Alexa rank by adopting some manual and automatic process. Let’s see the how we can increase Alexa rank.

Alexa Toolbar

Alexa toolbar work as a monitor of your bog visitors. When a visitors enter on your site then it record the IP address instantly. So it will be a wise decision to use Alexa Toolbar to boost up your rank rapidly. If you got loyal readers you can request them to install Alexa tool bar on their browser. Previously Alexa toolbar was looking odd for Internet Explorer user but now it comes integrated way with Google Chrome and Firefox browser where you can see small Alexa option at the top right corner of these browsers.

Alexa Widget

Alexa widget is another important tools which will help to increase your Alexa rank. This widget also able to show your blog’s current Alexa rank and how many backlink you got. If you click on that widget it will redirect to Alexa page where you will get details information about your blog rank on different country and from which site you got backlink as well as it will show the traffic status if your Alexa rank become below 100000.

Write Article On Alexa

Article about Alexa also good for your blog to boost up your Alexa rank. This is actually a tricky way, there are many webmaster republish article about Alexa so if you can write well then it will be republished by webmaster which would bring traffic that help you to increase Alexa rank.

Use Alexa Redirection

Alexa redirection function also work well if you don’t want to install Alexa toolbar into your web browser. We always leave comments on others blog some of them leave their blog address. So in this case you can leave your blog address like below

Replace with the URL for your website.

And whenever a visitor’s click on this link Alexa will instantly record the IP which will influence your Alexa rank. But this is manual process and you have to spend several hour for this.

Blog Rank

Alexa Rank Booster Online Tools

Using online tools you can automatically boost up Alexa rank. Recently I got an Alexa rank booster online tools which is amazing that helps to boost up your Alexa rank within few days. I got this online tools from which able to boost your Alexa rank rapidly without any extra effort. To use this you have to sign up first with that site and then you have to visit website to earn points. Earn points and get visits to your blog means 1 point = 1 visit.

For signup with AlexaBoostup go through below steps

Step #1: Go to RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange and click on Signup

Step #2: Now activate the account by clicking on activation link

Step #3: login to your account and add your blog’s URL

Step #4: Now click on Launch Autosurf Booster

By using this online tool you will earn point automatically and also get free traffic for your blog. You can earn point easily by referring others. You will get 1000 points for per refer.

I believe by adopting the above manual and automatic steps you would be able to boost up your Alexa rank within few days. If you know more ways beside of this kindly share with us to improve our readers experience. 
Unknown says: 5/10/2013

Awesome Artical... You highlighted very important points :) I am going to follow you steps ;-)


Ankit @ Blogger Tips Tricks says: 5/10/2013

I think regular updation of blog and building quality backlinks helps a lot to improve alexa ranking. What you say bro??

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 5/10/2013

yeh right bro. But I have just introduce a AlexaBoostup online tools that can help to quick boost. try it and see the result.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' says: 10/02/2014

Hi Mohammad,
Nice to be here again
Hey I just posted one comment but its not showing!
Where is my comment?
I just did this with some initial hiccups LOL but able
to finish it, that story was my earlier comment. Anyways
I am glad that I found this page and still the process is
going on.
Thanks a lot Brother, Have a good day. :-)
~ Philip

Unknown says: 12/22/2014

Nice Post
Keep It Up:)
Regards Blogging Road

Unknown says: 3/06/2015

Nice tips, I'm already using alexa toolbar and widget.
But I don't know using alexaboostup is going to blackhat or not.

Any idea?
My blog: Blogspot Yard

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 3/06/2015

Hi Sagor Alexa Boost is safe for website. not any blackhat seo. You can regularly use booster for ranking higher in Alexa. However from my point of view if you can make 3/4 unique posts regularly on your Blog then your Alexa rank will rapidly decrease. However booster will help you in ranking but you won't get result rapidly. Thank you.

Unknown says: 4/08/2015

@Sagor Biswas If you want to boost your alexa rank. But there is chance to get penalized from google.

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 4/08/2015

Alexa (run by Amazon) and Google totally different company. If you boost Alexa then not any chances to get penalize by Google. Because Google don't take into account Alexa rank for measuring Google Rank.

V says: 5/25/2015

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.
Status for Facebook

Rohit says: 2/12/2016

How to get SumoMe social share bar at bottom of mobile site. Like you do have. Please do make a post

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 2/12/2016

I think you have read my article about SumoMe

if you just enable share feature then it will automatically display like my blog in mobile view. Because this widget is responsive. You don't need to add any code.

- ika pito says: 3/27/2016


rahul says: 5/26/2016

Nice Post
Keep It Up

Unknown says: 10/27/2016

Nice blog to improve alexa ranking. Thanks for sharing this type of blog. Well done. Keep it up. Good job. My website alexa rank was 9,197,058 and right now 1,218,195. Visit here:

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 10/30/2016

Nice to hear that. :)

Unknown says: 11/21/2016

Thanks for sharing this post. It will help me alot. Visit here: Newspaper Advertising Agency

TR says: 1/22/2017

Does safe for Google AdSense?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/22/2017

Hi Rupam Chakma, I don't think that there are any relation exists between Alexa rank and Google AdSense. Even Alexa rank doesn't affect your search rank. So this is absolutely safe. ^_^

Franktz says: 1/22/2017

Wow it is very good thank you bloggerspice the big school of mine

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 1/23/2017

Hi Franktz, Alexa is a product of Amazon, so it doesn't have any relation with Google product. After stopping Google page rank Alexa has risen. Nothing else.

Unknown says: 6/16/2017

It is better to post for improving site. Well done.

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/04/2017

Hi Spear digitalweb,
If you make post more frequently then your Alexa rank will improve rapidly. :)

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