How to get PayPal verified account where PayPal is not Operating

How to get PayPal verified account where PayPal is not Operating

PayPal is most used online payment option all over the world. But PayPal is operating in 190 countries but unfortunately not operating in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and in some other countries. Mostly there is biggest outsourcing income has to receive via PayPal. In Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal has a good number of online worker who depend on outsourcing. But they face problem to receive their earnings. We know PayPal is most reliable option to receive money by spending small fees, however PayPal is not operating in Bangladesh and Pakistan. As a blogger I was also facing problem to receive money from affiliate ads networks. So to solve this problem I found a solution where people can easily open verified PayPal account.

To get PayPal verified account you have to go through 3 different steps. First you have to open Payoneer account then you can get PayPal verified account. So let’s proceed to the steps and remember to Clear your browser’s cache, cookies and Don’t use any proxy server.

  • Open Payoneer Account
  • Get US Fake Address
  • Open PayPal account

1. How to Open Payoneer Account?

Step 1 Go to and click on Sign-Up Now.

Step 2 Provide the all accurate information such as, Name, Address, Contact number, E-mail address.

Step 3 Payoneer will approve your account and they will send a Prepaid Master Card within 30-40 days.

Payoneer Card

Step 4 After receiving your Prepaid Master Card you have to write Card numberon your Payoneer online account as well as you have to choose 4 digit Pin number.

Step 5 Now you have to go for US Payment Service which will be automatically activate with your Prepaid Master Card. But in case of some account it require some question answers.

Step 6 After approval from US Payment Service you will get Routing Number and Account
number (Those number will require for PayPal account verification)

US check

2. Get Fake address from US

Before proceed to PayPal account you have to get an address from US. You can take help from your any relatives or you can use Fake address generator.

Step 1 Go to

Step 2 Now Select your name type (Different nations Such as, American, Arabic, Persian, Swedish Australian etc.), Gender (Male or Female) and click on Generate button.

US address

Step 3 It will provide you name, address, Post Code and Phone number (remember all address may not vacant so try different address)        

3. How To Open PayPal account?

Step 1 Now Go to and select United State as your country of residence.

Step 2 Now click on Sign Up button and provide your real name and fake address with Phone Number. 

Step 3 after finishing sign up process you will get 2 options to verify your PayPal account either 
through Bank Account or Credit Card. You must select the Bank Account option. And don’t allow to call into previously provided phone number.

Step 4 Under Bank Option you have to provide Routing Number and Account number( From US Payment System).

Step 5 You will receive an email that PayPal will deposit 2 amount into your US Bank Account generally less than $1. It takes 2 working days to get deposited amount. 

Payoneer account

Step 6 After receiving the payment into Payoneer account again sign in into your PayPal account and click on Verify link. And simply write the 2 deposited amount into your Payoneer account.

verification amount

Step 7 That’s it. Your PayPal account is now verified and ready to use.

PayPal Verified


Because you are using US address so you can’t purchase anything from online. Remember you can only receive fund and you have to transfer the fund to Payoneer account to use it. So you should take some pre-cautions to use this account.
  • Don’t log into your PayPal account for 1 week after getting verified. 
  • Always clear your cache and cookies before login into yourPaypal account and after logged out.
  • Don’t use it for business purpose.
  • Never use a proxy to login.
  • As soon as receiving the money always transfer it to your Payoneer account.
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