Earn Money Online by PTC (Pay To Click) Networks

Earn Money Online by PTC (Pay To Click) Networks

Earning Money through online is common phenomenon of blogger. Beside of this who doesn’t have any blog they also want to make money through online. There are huge alternative to earn money through online and among them PTC (Pay to click) is one of the most popular method to earn money. After introduce of this method people can earn money who already has website and who has not. This is very simple process where you can earn money easily through PTC. Just you have to Sign up with PTC site and you have to click on ad links provided by them.

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However all PTC site is not legit. Some scam sites also operating with them. The best way to identify those scam PTC site about their paying amount. From my personal experience I have seen those site who pay big amount for per click then you should think this is scam site. At the beginning of my blogging I was found a site who pays 80 cents per click and I was so happy to found that but when I applied for payout then they didn't response me. So be careful to choose right PTC network.

From my point of view if you depends on only one network then you can’t make your expected amount of money rather you should try as much as possible available PTC network. Suppose you are working with 10-20 PTC network then you would able to make minimum $100 per month which is very good amount for student.

For your kind information I have listed some popular PTC (Pay To Click) network where you can earn money from those site. And remember that you must spend minimum 1-2 hour with those site to make good amount of money. So check the list below and register with them and start earning.

  • http://www.donkeymails.com
  • http://buxp.org
  • http://www.memolink.com/
  • http://pointdollars.com/
  • http://superpay.me/
  • http://www.clixsense.com/
  • http://prizerebel.com/
  • http://brightspyre.com/
  • http://instantbucks.com/
  • http://zoombucks.com/
  • http://coinworker.com/
  • http://peoplesgpt.com/
  • http://embeemobile.com/
  • http://rewardingways.com/
  • https://www.mturk.com
  • http://quickrewards.net/
  • http://get-paid.com/
  • http://fusioncash.nethttp://inboxdollars.com
  • http://www.jillsclickcorner.com
  • http://www.clixplanet.com/
  • http://www.swagbucks.com/

Finally I should mention about payment system that most of the PTC (Pay To Click) network pay through PayPal and some other online payment solutions but PayPal is not operating in all countries Such as Bangladesh, Pakistan. PayPal banned countries should focus alternative payment solutions. Because after investing your time and effort ultimately you would see the result is zero if you can’t receive payment. So first see the all sorts of payout system of PTC network first then decide whether to work or not.

Hope through this article you would be able to make extra money beside of your study and not only depend on only one online source of income rather try to adopt all possible way to generate income by best use of all alternatives. 
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