20 Best RSS Feed Aggregators required for Blogger

20 Best RSS Feed Aggregators required for Blogger
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Blogger use RSS Feed to make auto publish their posts into it thus a readers can get new posts into their mail box after subscription. Google blog user use Google FeedBurner to make auto publish their posts but beside of this there are many RSS Feed site where blogger can make auto publish their posts.
RSS aggregate sites are a combination of various RSS Feed where readers will get their all favorite blog’s post into one place and it will also help them to find new blogs to read. In addition the biggest advantage of using RSS Aggregators site is to get backlinks from there as well as receive some real readers. There are many do-follow RSS Aggregators sites where you can obtain backlinks and it will help to improve your page rank, instead of this you don’t have to spend a little time to make update regular basis.

Here are the top 20 web-based RSS readers collected from around the web that required for blogger.

01. Google Readers

Google is the number one in RSS feed Aggregators site. Using this RSS feed will be wise decision because it has already created a biggest community over the net.

  • Site Address: http://www.google.com/reader/

02. FeedAgg

The aim of Feedagg is to find the best blog and news feed over the net. So if you are having a good blog then you can divert traffic as well as your feed can be listed under top rated feed site.

  • Site Address:  http://www.feedagg.com/

03. Blog Lines

This is a popular Feed Aggregators site where it offer different way to share your post. And the main features of Bloglines is that you can import and export the subscribers

  • Site Address: http://www.bloglines.com/myblogs

04. Technorati

Technorati is most popular RSS Feed aggregators site where many feed published at a time. And it will not only publish your feed but also it will give you Rank under different category.

  • Site Address: http://technorati.com/

05. Mysyndicaat

Mysyndicaatis not so popular and it introduce only narrow features. But you will able to add keyword for Google, Bing/Yahoo search.

  • Site Address: http://www.mysyndicaat.com/home

06. GoldenFeed

GoldenFeed is useful to submit your feed and get popularize your blog. It can submit your feed under some narrow category.

  • Site Address:  http://goldenfeed.com/

07. MyAlltop

It shows your blog like directory under various categories. This is also popular RSS Feed Aggregators site which you can use it to spread your content.

  • Site Address:  http://my.alltop.com/

08. Superfeedr

Superfeedr accept RSS and Atom feed which is better for Google blog user. And it will send you notification with new entries.

  • Site Address:  http://superfeedr.com/

09. Netvibes

Netvibesuse full-fledged RSS reader where you would able to customize the site and use different widgets to make the most out of the information you get from your RSS feeds.

  • Site Address:  http://www.netvibes.com/

10. RSS2

This is a attractive feed with many features. You can also add comment on posts. In addition you can use it as alternative of Google Feedburner.

  • Site Address:  http://rss2.com/

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11. Collected

By this feed you can organize biggest feed content. Also you can organize collections basis on topics, person, groups and many more.

  • Site Address:  http://collected.info/

12. Blogdigger

Blogdigger is very simple feed but not very worthy. You can just submit your feed and you can add Badge on your own blog. You can submit RSS and Atom feed.

  • Site Address:  http://www.blogdigger.com/add.jsp

13. Lazyfeed

This is one of the best RSS Feed aggregator site where you can add individual feeds and you can choose specific topic according to your desire.

  • Site Address:  http://www.lazyfeed.com/

14. Feedly

Feedly is browser basedFeed aggregator site. Feedly organizes your feeds into a magazine style reading experience. You will get new experience after using it.

  • Site Address:  http://feedly.com/

15. Helvetireader

You can modifying the design of Google Reader through your browser by using Helvetireader. Helvetireaderuses minimalistic design.

  • Site Address:  http://helvetireader.com/

16. FeedShow

FeeShow is very user friendly RSS site where you can import and export feed lists, Categorize the feed and you can save items. The another awesome features is you can save convert your feed to PDF and other format.

  • Site Address:  http://reader.feedshow.com/

17. NETimeChannel

You can use this to publish your RSS feed automatically it allow RSS, XML and Atom feed. Using  NETimeChannel is really very simple.

  • Site Address:  http://www.netimechannel.com/

18. feedraider

It is not so attractive feed but you can publish your feed under various category and it create a direct link to your site which may helpful to build backlinks.

  • Site Address:  http://feedraider.com/

19. FeedFury

FeedFury is a awesome site where you can submit your feed under more than 52 category as well as you can divert big chunk of readers to your blog.

  • Site Address:  http://feedfury.com/

20. RSSMotron

This is the best ever feed site I have visited. It is very user friendly and you would able to categorize your feed. Readers are able to share your feed to Delicious, Digg, Newsvine.

  • Site Address:  http://www.rssmotron.com/

Hope this article will help you to spread your blog feed and can divert more loyal readers. 
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