How To Make Floating Widget on Blogger Template Sidebar

How To Make Floating Widget on Blogger Template Sidebar
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Floating widget is a great widget, when visitors scroll down to a website then they can see the widget bar is floating to down. I have coded this widget for all kinds of widget that can be able to make the float. And more importantly, it won't use any hosted JavaScript (.js) file, so it won't affect your templates loading time. And I have used this code to make floating popular post widget. Let's go-to tutorial...

How To Find The Widget ID

Finding your each and every widget ID is very simple. Just log in to your Blogger account and visit your blog. Now you can see the QuickEdit icon on the bottom left corner of every widget.


Now Click On Right Button and Click on Copy Link Location and Paste is in Notepad

The code will be like below--
Here the widget ID is PopularPosts1 You will find for another widget different ID (e.g. HTML 2, HTML 3, HTML 4)

Step 1 Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on -> Template -> Edit HTML

Step 3 Now Find this code </body>  by pressing  Ctrl + F

Step 4 Paste the below code  Before/above </body> 

// Floating Widget By
bsfloatingwidget("PopularPosts1"); // enter your widget ID here
function bsfloatingwidget(elem) {
    var bsfloat = document.getElementById(elem);
    var scrollee = document.createElement("div");
    bsfloat.parentNode.insertBefore(scrollee, bsfloat);
    var width = bsfloat.offsetWidth;
    var iniClass = bsfloat.className + ' bsfloat';
    window.addEventListener('scroll', bsfloating, false);
    function bsfloating() {
        var rect = scrollee.getBoundingClientRect();
        if ( < 0) {
            bsfloat.className = iniClass + ' bsfloating';
   = width + "px";
        } else {
            bsfloat.className = iniClass;
.bsfloating {background:#f2f2f2 !important; position:fixed; top:0; z-index:9999; box-shadow:0px 10px 4px -5px rgba(0,0,0,0.3);}


  • Change PopularPosts1 with widget ID.
  • Change f2f2f2 for floating widget background color
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