17 Surefire Qualities Should Adapt to Make A Successful Blog

17 Surefire Qualities Should Adapt to Make A Successful Blog
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What we think about a successful blog? A beautiful blog with huge returning visitors, visitors are leaving comments and earning a lot from advertisement. Beside of this successful blog has some surefire qualities that should be bring in every blog those who wants to be success. 


A successful blog should be trustworthy for their visitors. Many blog provide false information which is misled the readers. But a surefire blog always trust able and reliable for the readers. So to make successful blog you must be publish accurate and logical information.

02. Accurate and knowledgeable Information

Successful blog always provide accurate and knowledgeable information. Blog author also provide real info to their readers and gain trust from them. Readers always find this kinds of blog interesting and helpful. Readers always visit blog to solve their problem so successful blog with accurate and informative information always get priority.

03. Successful blogs are enjoyable

Quality blog always publish quality and interesting article. It present the content with humor and fun where readers can easily understand the content and enjoy the writing style. Readers reading experience always improve by successful blog. Using cartoon character and funny image makes your blog more attractive and help to grow your blog.

04. Limited Advertisement

Successful blog always provide limited ads thus readers don't feel disturbed. Many blog use pop up ads to generate money but eventually they are losing visitors because readers always  hate popup ads.

05. Fast Loading Template

Successful Blog always found fast loading. Because if your blog load fast then you will get more visitors and more page visit. Fast loading site is always preferable for visitors. Even visitors can find same topic on fast loading and slower blog site, However visitors always go for fast loading site.

06. Simple and attractive designs

Many blogger write high quality blog content but still not getting enough visitor. This can be happen in case of worse design. Even after viewing the landing page visitors simply leaving from that site. To overcome from this kinds of problem you have to design your blog with simple and attractive. If you put too much design then your blog will be slower to load then few visitors will revisit. But simple design with eye-catching looks is one of the surefire quality of successful blog.

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07. Unique and logical Content writing skill

There are thousands of blog are creating every minute. So you have to compete with others at any cost. You have to provide some unique feature that nobody has. 100% unique and logical content publishing is the main quality of successful blog.

08. Error free content

Blog content without error make standard and rich. Readers always love to read this kind of blog. Successful blog always provide error free content where visitors feel interest to read.

09. Connect with their readers

Comment is the symbol of successful blog. More comments means you have successfully created loyal readers or readers circle. Comment is very important for blogger because it works as bridge between blogger and readers.

10. Social Media connection options

Social media connection is an important think for blogger. Successful blog has a good number of fans around blog’s social networks. More fan means more chance to share your content.

11. Social Sharing buttons

Successful blog always provide easy sharing facility for readers. Facebook and Twitter is always common for every blog side but recently Pinterest got more popularity to share blog contents. Successful blogger always spread their content through sharing button.

12. RSS subscription Widget

If you want to make loyal visitors then you must provide RSS subscription widget for them. Because when a readers like your blog and want to get up-to-date information regularly then they would lover to subscribe through RSS subscription widget. The best place for RSS subscription box is sidebar and end of every blog posts.

13. Optimize The Article footer

Successful blog always optimize articles footer. They provide several options for footer such as-
  • Related Article
  • RSS Subscription Widget
  • Social Sharing Widget
  • Author Info Box

This kinds of widget make the blog professional and rich. Related article helps to keep engage the visitor’s longer time. RSS subscription widget help to create loyal readers. Social sharing widget help to share the article with different social networking site. And Author info box give info about the author that make content trustable to readers.

14. Organized sidebar

Successful blog’s sidebar always organized and clean. Clean means added few useful widget. Because if you add more than 4 or 5 widget then your blog will be slower. So keep only useful widget that help your blog to grow. The best widgets for Sidebar are-
  • Search Box
  • Label Widget
  • Social Networking Widget
  • RSS Subscription Widget
  • Popular Post Widget

15. Search engine Optimized

Successful blog always well optimized for search engine. It includes Meta Keywords, Meta Description and proper use of tags. Generally h1 tag for Blog title, H2 tag for blog post title and for Inside article subheadings H3 and minor headings H4 tag.

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16. User friendly Navigation

Successful blog has user friendly navigation system. This means menu for the category, Number page navigation, Featured links on sidebar. Those help the visitors to easily visit the first to last posts of the blog.

17. Creative Blog Title

Successful blog always provide creative and attractive post title. Attractive title can easily make the blog popular. So try to use creative and imaginative posts title which can bring more hit on your blog posts.

Finally if you want to grow your blog rapidly you have to tailor your blog according to the above qualities. Every blogger wants to be success, however after following the above surefire qualities you have to wait for certain time for positive outcomes.
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