Keyword stuffing can lead to demotion or delisting on Bing Search Engine

Keyword stuffing can lead to demotion or delisting on Bing Search Engine

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Keyword stuffing means highly use of keywords on a web page or a Meta tags to get more visibility on search engine. And only for this many website banned by search engine temporarily or permanently. Though this is late announcement by Bing where almost all major search engines warn the webmasters but finally Bing released a post in their Blog.
Bing webmaster guidelines has completely updated and they have brought some changes. Bing will now penalize those site which practice key staffing. Bing has warn webmasters for keyword staffing. Webmasters who try to manipulate their ranking by keyword stuffing their site will demoted or downgraded on Bing search engine.

Bing updates
In addition your site may delisted from Bing search engine. Bing has added their new guidelines document and their new keyword stuffing section-
‘’When creating content, make sure to create your content for real users and readers, not to entice search engines to rank your content better. Stuffing your content with specific keywords with the sole intent of artificially inflating the probability of ranking for specific search terms is in violation of our guidelines and can lead to demotion or even the delisting of your website from our search results.’’

We can understand this is a harsh warning by Bing to webmasters. So be careful about this and stop adding unnecessary and irrelevant keywords for better result on search engine. Webmaster should write content according to readers demand or choice. However many webmaster create content only for better rank and they don’t think about readers. However if you want to build a better and higher rank on Bing search engine then you should follow the latest Bing webmaster guidelines. Remember that SEO roles always changeable so keep in touch with latest updates that you can follow for higher ranking on Bing search engine. 

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