5 Strategic Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Ecommerce Business

How to use social media to market - Achieve Your Marketing Goals? Social Media Marketing Strategies & Tips to build brand awareness, communicate.

Do you want a cost-effective and high-impact way to promote your eCommerce business?

Look no further than social media. With over four billion users worldwide, social media is a powerful space to help you reach new customers and promote your products and brand.

The challenge is knowing the best ways to use social media to support your efforts to promote your business.

Fortunately, this guide is here to help with five strategic tactics to promote your eCommerce business using social media.

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Ecommerce

Let’s get right to it.

1. Develop a social media marketing plan

Create a solid plan before promoting your business on social media to set clear goals for your efforts.

A plan helps you determine specific, measurable targets for your social media campaigns, such as increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or boosting sales.

Your goals help you focus your efforts and ensure your social media activities align with your overall business objectives.

A social media plan allows you to identify your target audience and the specific platforms they use.

It also helps you determine the tools you should use to implement your campaigns, such as SocialPilot, Hootsuite, and Vista Social.

For instance, Vista Social has a content calendar and auto-publishing features that help you plan and streamline posting your social media content.

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Ecommerce
Image source: vistasocial.com

Your social media plan helps you determine where to focus your efforts, what content to create, and how to engage with your audience.

It saves you time and money by helping you focus your social media marketing efforts on the right platforms and audiences.

2. Post valuable tips and tools

Successful social media marketing isn’t just about singing praises about your business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels.

Effective social media marketing is about establishing trust, connecting and engaging with, and building relationships with your audiences.

Plus, engaging your audiences increases the chances of them sharing your posts, expanding your reach and visibility. It supports your initiatives to promote your business on social media.

One of the most effective ways to engage your audience is to share valuable information.

For instance, share an Instagram carousel post on your top five must-have tools to run a successful eCommerce.

Include a common pain point, such as how tedious it is to calculate shipping costs for small businesses manually.

Then, introduce a tool as a solution.

For example, highlight software such as Veeqo with its smart shipping and automatic shipping rate selection for single and bulk orders.

Keep all this information crisp and concise, ideally in one post.

Include a link to your blog post so your audiences can learn more, which drives traffic to your site.

Share relevant and relatable content to provide value to your audience and boost engagement.

The higher your engagement rate, the more eyeballs your brand gets, which is always great for promoting your business on social media.

3. Use high-quality content

Captivating visual content helps capture your audience’s attention and drive engagement, making it an effective element for your brand promotions on social media.

Below are a few tips to help you make the most of social media visual content for your brand promotions.

  • Use high-quality images. Create or choose high-resolution, visually appealing, and professionally shot (when possible) photos. Poor-quality images can negatively impact your audience’s perception of your brand, potentially ruining your business’s credibility among potential customers.
  • Follow a consistent aesthetic. Develop a consistent visual aesthetic for your content and brand and use it across your social media platforms. It helps audiences recognize your brand easily. For instance, include your brand colours in your Instagram colour posts, as Ulta Beauty does with its signature #f5884a light orange. You’ll see the light orange colour used in fonts and the backgrounds of Ulta Beauty’s IG content.

Use high-quality content
Image source: instagram.com

  • Share quality User-Generated Content (UGC). Encourage your customers to share pictures of them using your product and repost them (with attribution and permission) on your social channels. UGCs can be powerful forms of social proof that help you build trust, boost engagement, and increase sales.

Remember to develop a solid content publishing strategy to determine the best formats, including the platforms and optimal times to post your social media visual content.

A content publishing strategy also gives focus and direction to your social media business promotions.

4. Run social media ads

Organic reach on social media can be limited, depending on your strategy. However, paid advertising can help you reach a larger and more targeted audience. Facebook and Instagram offer a range of advertising options, including sponsored posts and video ads.

Learn to use paid social media advertising for your e-commerce business promotions with these tips:

  • Create and run ads to promote your products or services on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours to reach your ideal customers.
  • Use video ads to showcase your products and give potential customers a better idea of what you sell and offer. Nail your social media ad copies to help meet your ad campaign goals by following tried and tested content writing tips.
  • Run Facebook lead generation ad campaigns to collect information from potential customers directly on the platform and use that data for further lead nurturing.

Include compelling visuals and offers that entice your social media audiences to act on your offers.

Regularly monitor and measure your social media ads’ performance to see what works. It allows you to adjust your strategy and optimize your ad campaigns for better results.

5. Share customer reviews

You don’t always have to do all the talking.

Let satisfied customers speak for your brand by sharing glowing reviews across your social media channels.

It’s an excellent way to promote your e-commerce business on social media without being too promotional.

Plus, sharing reviews shows real-life experiences with your brand from actual customers. It gives prospects a good idea about your product and services’ quality and value.

Post your customers’ product ratings and testimonials like Glossier did with its shared customer review on Instagram below.

Share customer reviews
Image source: instagram.com

If you provide software-as-a-service, share snippets and links to complete product reviews, like this comprehensive ExportYourStore review.

Leverage customer testimonials and reviews to put your e-commerce business in a good light, amplifying your brand promotions on social media.

Harness the power of social media for brand promotions

Building your business's online presence through social media takes time and effort.

Create valuable content, engage with your audience, and stay on top of trends and new features to use social media to promote your e-commerce business effectively and achieve goals.

Always keep testing, analysing, and optimizing your strategy to get the best results and build trust and lasting relationships with your customers.

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