ContactOut Review - How to Find the Email Address of Your Next Sales Lead

Without a doubt, ContactOut is the finest way to quickly, efficiently, and precisely extract contact information from LinkedIn.

The email has become an important means of communication in our day-to-day lives. It's not just for business anymore! Email can be used as a way to stay in touch with friends, family members, or clients about what you're doing on the weekends - it doesn't have any limitations at all once you get past thinking that "email" means only work-related messages.

Maintaining good customer service through email has become increasingly popular because people want a faster response time than they would try face-to-face interactions alone.

ContactOut Review - How to Find the Email Address of Your Next Sales Lead

Email can also be a great way to build relationships with potential customers - by providing them valuable information (such as coupons or discounts) or even just keeping them updated on your latest product. You can cultivate these relationships over time and eventually turn many of them into paying customers.

And, of course, email is still an excellent way to reach out to potential employers. By keeping your resume and contact information up-to-date, you can make sure that anyone who wants to get in touch with you can do so easily.

There are plenty of ways for potential clients or talent to find their way into our inboxes-some through social media and others on search engines like Google; however, one tool which caught our attention recently was ContactOut. This nifty little application can help generate contact information from any address found using various means such as Facebook profiles/pages (including personal profile pictures), LinkedIn accounts, etc., along with other

How can I Use ContactOut?

The Chrome extension for this tool adds an email search overlay on top of LinkedIn and GitHub. When you visit someone's profile, it will show their contact details if they have them listed or let you know that no such information is available in case there was any confusion about how to find out whom we're looking at! You can also use your lead’s professional address using the domain name associated with his/her current company (e.g., "").

The ContactOut is great for finding the right contacts. Once you've found one, add them to your contact list and save their information so that it's easy when looking again in future searches! You can also share particularly useful profiles with teammates - all from this simple app on any device...

If you're looking for someone specific, you can also use the "Search by Company" feature to find all the employees of a particular organization. This is great for finding the right person to contact at a large company, or if you're trying to build a list of potential leads from a certain industry.

ContactOut Review – The Missing Link

Once you've found the perfect contact, you can add them to your address book with a single click. You can also save their information for later, or even share it with a colleague.

ContactOut's Features

As mentioned earlier, the ContactOut extension for Chrome is an easy way to find and save the contact information of your leads. You can use it on any LinkedIn page, revealing their details when they're highlighted in blue (or yellow if you haven't yet seen them). The dashboard provides access via both the desktop site and sidebar plugin so that all kinds of people are at arm's length away from potential customers like never before!

LinkedIn's new dashboard provides you with an easy way to organize your contacts and share them across different channels. You can put individual emails in folders, export lists as CSV files for digestion by other apps on the market like summertime prospecting software (yay!), or just search through all mentions of someone’s name using LinkedIn's innovative feature!

ContactOut features

ContactOut's data enrichment feature can help you enrich your list of email addresses, LinkedIn profile URLs or company domain names. It will then provide all the contact information that is needed to make a connection with potential customers - this includes their social media profiles and phone numbers!

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Lastly, ContactOut integrates with major CRM systems to help you keep all of your leads in one place. With these integrations seamless push from the platform into any number of software programs such as Salesforce and Zapier-you'll be able to see every detail about each potential customer!

How Great is ContactOut?

In this day and age, it's hard to find a company that doesn't have its information online. It seems like every other minute someone is telling me they found the perfect new app for my needs--I never know if what you're recommending will work or not until we try them out!

Curious to see if ContactOut could find accurate contact information for people, we decided to put it to the test with a few different searches. The first search was for an old classmate that I hadn't talked to in years but wanted to get back in touch with. I input her name into the search bar and up came her LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also saw her current job title and the company she worked for along with her email address and phone number. I was honestly surprised that ContactOut had found all of this information considering I hadn't talked to her in years!

My second search was for someone I recently met at a networking event. Again, ContactOut found everything--her LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter

ContactOut has tripled verified contact information, but we're sceptical about it so took some supposed triple-checked emails and compared them across multiple email verification tools. The results were impressive; most of the accounts that we tested seemed real!

The tools from ContactOut not only give you access to all the features that are necessary for lead generation, but it also eliminates any clutter on your screen. The sleek design and easy-to-use dashboard will have users up in no time; there is nothing more frustrating than trying a simple task like downloading an app or creating new contacts but being unable because they're buried under tons of tabs with complicated names! With Contactout's Chrome extension as well as its integration with Google', this tool promises quick results without sacrificing quality so the attorney can concentrate on other vital tasks while waiting patiently by their computer screens blurred out from sheer lack

Additionally, ContactOut offers a free plan with 40 credits per month, giving you access to standard features. If more credit is needed there are different plans available for $29 monthly that provide 1,800 of data enrichment and phone number reveals!

One drawback to this tool is that it doesn't have as much contact data on GitHub compared with LinkedIn. This can be a shame because of how beneficial looking through someone’s work history and contacts in one place has been for me, but at least there are other ways! You'll just need an expensive upper-tier plan or more if you want to access integrations like Sales Navigator (which offers great features).

Our verdict

To summarize, here are some of the advantages of ContactOut, as well as some disadvantages that may need to be addressed:


  • Quick and simple to use
  • Sidebar and unobtrusive extension
  • Extremely precise contact information
  • There is a free plan as well as reasonable premium pricing.


  • It is not as effective on Github as it is on LinkedIn.
  • You must pay more if you want to use it in your LinkedIn Sales or Recruiter account.

Overall, we think ContactOut is an excellent tool for sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals who want to find their leads' contact information with ease. It’s perfect for avoiding the hassle of manually combing through websites or databases on Google looking for potential clients- all you have to do it type in what types of business interests your clientele might fall into!

The website's user-friendly interface provides quick access so that anyone can update their address anytime, anywhere without any problems whatsoever.

You'll never know who's willing to be reached until you start looking for them. Don't let your marketing efforts go up in smoke; give ContactOut a try!

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