The 11 best Tips & Tricks for Using Social Media for Business Growth

How to grow your business using social media? Here are 11 tips to take advantage of social media to grow your business.

Social media is not going anywhere. Instead, now more than ever, it's growing to accommodate more businesses. Many statistics prove this:

  • Over 50 million small businesses are using Facebook to connect with clients.
  • There are about 200 million businesses on Instagram.
  • According to Statistica, 67% of B2B businesses are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool.
  • A Buffer study shows that 62% of businesses use YouTube to post their video content

Social media will increase your brand's awareness and customer base. 90% of marketers say the exposure of their businesses has increased because of social media. 75% say their traffic has increased.

The 11 best tips & tricks for using social media for business growth in 2022

With about two-thirds of the world's population on one platform or the other, having your business on a social network is key. But that's only one aspect of the puzzle. It's one thing to be on a social platform, and another to grow your business effectively there.

This article will centre on tips that can help your business grow on social media and improve your online presence.

11 Social Media Tips And Tricks For Business Growth

Here are 11 tips to take advantage of social media to grow your business.

1. Establish Your Business Goals And Objectives

Before embarking on your social media marketing journey, it's vital that you set business goals and objectives. Doing this is like laying out a map that will lead you to success. Your aims and objectives will set the tone for your company's activity. In the long run, it will also reveal whether or not your brand is truly expanding on social media.

For growth, you need to hinge your social media strategy on these goals and objectives that you've already set. The strategy will then cover all the steps you will take to meet your goals and grow in the online social space. Remember that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

2. Humanize Your Brand

One of the most important aspects of social media is connectivity, and your followers need to sense that from your brand. As such, you need to constantly interact with your followers.

When you make posts add calls to action in the caption. Encourage your followers to comment or give their opinions. Go to the comment section and reply to the comments. Post pictures of yourself or your team members. Show your audience the face behind your brand.

Understand your target audience and what they truly need. This will help you share posts that are valuable to them. It will also create room for more intimate interaction with them.

3. Begin With Just One Platform

When you first start, focusing your business on one social media site will help you stay on track. You need to first build a following of loyal fans who will then help you expand on other platforms.

For example, some of your Facebook fans may also have Instagram profiles. So, after building on Facebook for some time, you can ask your followers there to also follow you on Instagram when you create an Instagram account.

Also, because you may be on a tight budget, focusing on only one media platform will help you save money.

4. Build A Social Media Team

For maximum results and progress, getting a social media team is important. Your team should consist of people who are professionals or experienced with social media. 

They should help you strategize and come up with ways that your business can grow. If your budget will permit a social media team, then you should consider it.

5. Don't Ignore Micro-influencers

Influencer marketing has grown into an important part of online marketing. Try micro-influencers if you are just starting on social media or your business is a small one.

Micro-influencers are influencers that have over a thousand followers but less than a hundred thousand followers. Many people think only the big influencers can help their business thrive. However, most of the time, micro-influencers do better. This is because they have a more intimate connection with their audience. You can take advantage of this and partner with them.

6. Craft Compelling Posts

The better your content gets, the more you'll be able to draw new followers. You will gain more followers if you show them that you are worth following. And you can only do this by providing content that people crave. Here are a few cues you should use to create value for your audience:

  • Use storytelling to keep your audience engaged. Stories compel people to read on.
  • Make your posts and captions relatable to your audience.
  • Post high-quality images and videos. Your picture should be visually stunning.
  • Use every available feature or posting format e.g Stories, Reels, carousels etc.
  • Create content according to the type of social media platform you're on. For example, if your business is on Pinterest or Instagram, then you should post more visual content since visual posts thrive the most on these platforms.

7. Use Social Media Automation Tools

Operating your social media accounts single-handedly can be tedious. You need to create, edit, post, engage, and do more. If you don't have extra help, like a social media team, it will be tiring.

The good news is that many social media platforms have automation tools that can make your work easier. For example, Instagram has a quick reply feature and with Messenger, you can use chatbots.

Also, there are third-party tools or apps like Later, Hootsuite and HubSpot that can help you schedule posts among other things. So, try to use the available automation and tools to make your work easier.

8. Use Social Media Advertising

Your business can generate a lot of leads and make sales by using social media advertising. Fortunately, almost all (if not all) social media platforms have advertising features.

So far, Facebook ads manager, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads and even LinkedIn have been helping businesses. It also helps that these platforms have targeting options to ensure that your ads reach your target audience.

You don't have to start with a huge budget. Advertising on social media can still work on a small budget. All you need to do is plan adequately.

9. Build A Remarkable Customer Care Service

Your customers should be able to get help when they need it. A lot of customer care services don't satisfy their customers. 

Bad customer service can repel clients and you don't want that. Build a remarkable, resourceful customer care service to keep your clients satisfied.

10. Link Your Social Media Accounts To Your Website

Your website or blog can be very instrumental to your business growth on social media. You can put your website link on your social media profile. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have a spot for links like this.


Another way to do this is by embedding your social media post in your blog or website. This way, your website visitors can see your social media posts and perhaps head to your social media to follow you.

11. Implement Social Media Trends

It's important to move with the times. Trends spring up now and again and you should make trendy moves so that you can capture people's attention.

For example, in 2020, TikTok became very popular and now has over a billion monthly active users. As a business owner, you can take advantage of the TikTok explosion and join in. Create TikTok content and try to get clients from the TikTok audience.

Instagram's history

Also, Augmented reality is gaining momentum on social media. Instagram and Snapchat are making online shopping easy with the introduction of AR shopping features. Customers can 'try on' products like makeup, eyewear, and shoes using AR lenses and filters. 

Nike is one brand that is now using this feature to help its customers see if a shoe fits before making a purchase. Your brand can also use these features to boost sales and grow.


Your business has a better chance of growing exponentially when you use social media and use it well. However, using social networking for business is more difficult than it appears. It takes a robust social media plan, high-quality content, and extensive social media marketing tool. 

You must also be consistent, posting regular content that is both relevant to your audience and true to your brand. So, strategies, be consistent and grow.

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