Things that are Wrong with Earncashto promotes itself as "the #1 influencer network," promising to pay out large sums of money for completing incredibly simple activities.

The chances are that you've stumbled upon websites that promise to pay you impressive sums of money for doing simple tasks like sharing links or taking online surveys. 

One such website, earncashto, promises to reward you handsomely upon completing a set of tasks. The idea of earning money while performing straightforward tasks is alluring. 

But is it another case of a thing being too good to be true? If yes, then why is it so? What are some things that point in that direction? Read on to find out.

Things that are Wrong with Earncashto

What does the website ask you to do?

As mentioned above, this website is an online money-making platform that asks you to do some tasks before earning money. According to the website, you will receive a bonus for signing up, downloading particular apps, promoting the website on social media like Facebook and Youtube, completing a survey, and referring new members.  

How does the entire process work?

When you visit the website and scroll down, you come across a section that tells you how you can start making money. There are three simple steps involved. 

The first of these is registering, which is free. It says that by registering, you can earn passive income through your social media accounts. 

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The second is completing a series of tasks, including downloading apps and taking online surveys. 

The third step is collecting your monetary rewards whenever you want to. The site offers you several options to do so, including Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, and Cash App. 

It looks pretty simple and has no cause for suspicion at first glance. But that is where things get tricky. How? Continue reading to know.

What should attract your attention about the website

1. Shady information wherever you look

The site claims that it was created in 2016, but the fact is that it came into existence between May-June 2021. Moreover, there is no clear information on its history, founding partners, or what it seeks to achieve in the long run.

2. Ridiculous claims made by them

A website making a ridiculous claim or claims loses its credibility and reliability in the visitors' eyes. 
For example, they claim to convert the traffic generated from your social media into income. If that were true, billions of social media influencers would be extremely rich since they share links regularly. It is the sheer absurdity of the claim that should attract your attention.

3. Absence of information about the owner

If any website does not have information or has misinformation about the owner, alarm bells should start ringing immediately into your mind. 

For example, the about us section is significant for any website and should contain verifiable details. It introduces a company, brand or organization, by laying down its ideas and prospects. 

But on the earncashto website, the about us page mentions an address, which shows an entirely different location when searched on Google Maps. And even if you search or click on the address provided on the webpage, it just shows an empty building with no name or sign. 

The website also claims that a person named Bernie Estes is the owner. However, there is almost not a single piece of information available about him. There are no administrators, directors, or even a primary office that the company can show.

Keeping in mind the things mentioned above, it is pretty clear that staying away from a website like earncashto would be your safest bet. Even though you might be tempted to try out the tasks, chances are you could end up losing more than just your time and effort. 

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