What Is the Best SEO Tracker To Grow Your SEO Traffic?

Best SEO tracker to grow your website traffic, FAST! Best SEO Tool You Should Use in 2022.

SEO tracking is a check of a website for compliance with the requirements of search engines. It has to remove the obstacles that prevent the resource from moving forward in search, and show directions for the further growth of its popularity. After analysis, you will have lists of errors and tasks. Having dealt with them, you will improve the site’s position in Google. Any site, if it develops, will change. 

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Therefore, SEO tracking needs to be carried out regularly. It is especially necessary for commercial projects because the site is an important source of customers and sales. Regular SEO tracking allows you to:

  1. Find weak points of the website and points of growth using SEO tacking. With the help of the best free SERP rank tracking tool, you may properly allocate available resources (time and budget) and get the most out of them. Sometimes even small changes to the site can lead to good and fairly quick results.
  2. Understand indexing issues. More often, problems belong to one of two groups — not all the necessary pages are included in the search engine index, or, conversely, unwanted content is indexed. For example, service pages are duplicated or automatically generated by the site engine.
  3. Respond to changes in algorithms. Search engines change ranking algorithms to improve search results. To maintain positions and traffic, you need to monitor these changes and change the site to meet the new requirements of search engines.
  4. Find and fix errors on the site. Mistakes are inevitable. Even a simple update to the engine or one of the plugins used can lead to them. The programmers working on the site also don’t always comply with the SEO requirements.

Best SEO Tool You Should Use in 2022

What is the best rank tracker? SpySerp rank tracker is an online SERP service for tracking site positions in search engine results. It has worked since 2016. And it is used by SEO specialists to monitor the results of website promotion actions. The main task of SpySerp is to track the dynamics of site positions in search results for specified key phrases.

Even at the lowest rates in the SpySerp keyword rank tracker, you can track the results using 100,000 keywords and more than 100 search configurations. It is almost impossible to carry out such studies manually due to the technical limits of search engines and the difficulties with analyzing the data obtained.

After creating a project in this software, specifying a resource, and compiling a list of requests, the SpySerp rank tracking tool monitors the positions and displays the result in the form of a table. It contains data on finding the website for a phrase in the top 3, 10, 30, the average position of the site, as well as changes since the last check.

The rank tracker tool also allows you to track local competitors’ trends. You can group keywords and check their frequency in the interface. The SEO rank tool helps check the correspondence of landing pages with the keys. You can also configure the automatic start of the analysis on certain days of the week. All reports are uploaded to .PDF, .XLS, and .CSV files.

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