10 Top Native Ad Networks for Advertising and Monetizing

What Are the Best Native Ad Networks for Websites? Native advertising is a more unobtrusive form of advertising that syncs naturally. Best Native Ad Networks You Should Use in 2020 and beyond. Here are the 10 High Paying Native Ads Network.
In the age of globalization where most things are done on the internet, ranging from information acquisition to social media to purchasing activities, online marketing has graced the field of business. So we often see ads here and there on different websites and on different social media platforms.

But sometimes obvious ads can be an eyesore and some people have been inclined to ignore ads than being interested in them. Because of this, a lot of businesses online resort to Native Advertising or Native Ads.

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But what is Native Advertising?

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Going back…

Native Advertising or Native Ad is a method in marketing wherein promoters engage people into advertising content without its content shouting “this is an advertisement”.

According to Manic’s study, Native Ad is a creative way of advertising that emerged in the field of marketing as it became popularly known to increase revenue sales.

In 2016, it was predicted by Business Insider that 74% of ad revenue will come from native ads by 2021. According to Business Insider there are three categories of native ads:

  • Social Native – which connects companies with content creators for genuine brand content.
  • Native-Style Display – uses a design in which the content coincides with the website destination.
  • Sponsored Content or Premium Native – wherein brands appear in brand-sponsored articles and videos that appear on websites and other online platforms of influencer and publishers. 
Also, according to Business Insider, native advertising is dominating mobile experience, 79% of mobile users say that experiencing the brand through these native promotions are equally important as the brand’s products and services. 

But there are a lot of Native Ad Networks available, which among them really are the BEST in this field?

So we have searched through different Native Ad Networks and found the Top 10 Native Ads Networks!

Now here we go, what are the Top 10 Native Ads Networks?

10. MGID

Like most reputable native ad networks, MGID prides upon creating meaningful engagement with companies and brands with non-eyesore content. 

According to Earning Guys, MGID reserves over 3,000 lifestyle and entertainment websites to place brands’ ads. They also have 52 categories for sports, finance and parenting. 

Of course, MGID integrates content naturally in the activity stream of the audience. They also have an easy turnkey implementation. Their widgets placed are cohesive with website design. While their native ads also are compatible with the third part DFP.

MGID’s monetization has a 100% fill rate worldwide, an average of $1-3 with no upper limit, and they also have clear and prominent disclosure and monetization of all GEOs and devices.

9. Redirect

One popular feature of Redirect is it allows for the purchase of high-quality daily visitors through their real-time traffic bidding platform. Their services can be categorized by desktop, mobile, country, city, region, browser, mobile device, carrier, connection type, time and days of the week.

Brands can even put their content in the newsfeed premium email newsletter. 

According to Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, Redirect’s top quality is it “allows customers to both buy and sell traffic via a real-time bid system” and that this is enhanced by their intuitive geo-targeting system that turns clients international traffic into earnings.

8. AdNow

Ad now creates a new hybrid native ad format designed to serve new, user-friendly and interesting ads. The format AdNow uses allows the use of media banners and native ads in the same campaign. 

From its launch in 2013 to 2016, AdNow has over 160,000 partners. 

According to Earning Guys, AdNow has more flexible terms and conditions and accepts clients who were rejected by Outbrain, Taboola or Revcontent.

AdNow is best for mid-sized publishers.

7. Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini has categorizing options such as location, search terms, language, and interests. 

According to Earning Guys, Yahoo Gemini is one of the biggest native ad networks online. Yahoo Gemini prides upon quality ad networks and implements strict measures for its campaign approvals. Ads appear on Yahoo Search, TV Guide, GameSport and SB Nation. 

Also, search templates for app installs, carousel ads and Tumbr paid posts can be used on the website.

6. Triplelift

Triplelift like most native ad networks provides content formats for preparing ads that match the content environment.

Triplelift has several products such as:

  • In-Feed Native: which combines Triplelift’s patented computer vision and dynamic templating technologies to create ads that fit into the environment of destination websites.
  • OTT: which offers impression-level dynamic delivery of product placements that drive the sustainability of brand-supported television.
  • Branded content: which leverages data and technology making it easier to create and distribute content, while also optimizing and measuring its real-time performance.
  • Branded video: which creates video advertising that naturally attracts engagement.

5. Native Ads

Native Ads’ platform to advertise, allows clients to write engaging editorial content as their landing page, this brings the audience to further engage in the client’s content. It also has multiple ad variants which increases content traffic. Lastly, it allows the optimizing campaigns using Page View or CPA Optimizer, which is seen as a solution to underperforming traffic.

According to Entrepreneur.com, one of the Native Ads’ highlights is it is able to leverage other native ad networks that enable expansion of campaigns.

4. Nativo

Nativo prides upon a platform that combines content with the algorithm of advertising. Nativo is a unique native ad network that has a publisher-direct, bot-free feature, brand-safe and guaranteed viewable inventory by your audience. It also prides upon optimized creative performance with Al-powered, built-in machine learning.

According to Hobpost, Nativo allows publishers to create their specific designs, especially on mobile devices using different sizes and layouts. Using Nativo, clients can also track the performance of their ad through advanced analytics features.

3. Revcontent

Revcontent is one of the largest native ad networks, it has a discovery platform which provides additional revenue stream by monetizing content recommendations that are related to the interests of its audience.

Revcontent also promises 30-50% higher revenue rates compared to other platforms. The ad network creates and stirs editorial and revenue decision by using audience insights.

Not only that! They have 250 billion recommendations per month, 97% U.S. households, 3.0% average vCTR, quality traffic, premium publishers, and granular targeting options with real-time reporting.

2. Taboola

According to Entrepreneur.com, Taboola has the biggest content discovery platform which has 1 billion unique visitors per month.

Taboola allows advertisers to reach the audience in new places with these 1 billion unique visitors per month. It also allows the creation of meaningful engagements by utilizing Taboola’s user behavior data and flexible formats. 

It also enhances marketing results by providing a platform to meet companies’ marketing objectives.

Also, according to Hobpost, Taboola allows you to run on companies’ preferred channels and produce different header images depending on the brand’s preference.

1. Outbrain

According to Entrepreneur.com, Outbrain, established in 2006, still is one of the best native ad networks in terms of quality and visibility of advertising. This is due to careful monitoring and intelligent filters that allow the content to be synchronized with product-oriented ads. 

Outbrain prides upon partnering with the world’s top media companies and brands such as Hearst, CNN, The Guardian, MSN, BBC, and Sky News.

Outbrain has three kinds of services:

A. Outbrain for Advertisers

This drives Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on the open web. Outbrain connects agencies with one-third of the world’s consumers.

How so?

Outbrain reaches consumers during their buyer mode. It also enables brands to target consumers in discovery mode, drive performance goals and improve web monetization.

B. Outbrain for Media Companies

This allows media companies to manage, control and monetize their content on the open web.

How so?

Outbrain’s feed technology increases media companies’ competitive edge in terms of audience acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Also, Outbrain has certain advantages such as they get and maximize the highest and best RPMs, they can grow total revenue, and maintain complete editorial control.

C. Outbrain Smartfeed

This is also known as personalized feed experience of Outbrain that pushes to discover, help to stay longer per sessions and enhanced user engagement. According to Outbrain, quality and performance can be achieved in their Smartfeed.

How so?

This is possible through the engaging formats available in Outbrain, smartcards foster innovation that works on new user trends and dynamic optimizations.

There you go!

I hope this blog article helps and you find the right fit of a native ad network for your company and brand!
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