Top 8 SEO Trends To Rank Your Site Higher

SEO is one of the main drivers for business growth in this digital marketing landscape. Stay on top of the SEO trends that will take the spotlight. Google is aiming to be the end destination of its users' journeys. This, more than anything, defines major SEO trends

SEO is not any stable thing, this is always changeable. So to get a better rank you must adopt the new SEO strategies. You might want to know about the future SEO trend that will work for you to get a higher position on the search engine result page. 

SEO Trends: How to Get on Top of Google Search? What SEO Trends to Stay Ahead and Rank? 

This year you need to rework your SEO strategy. The future of marketing is digital and you need to consider the latest SEO trends to remain at the top of the game. We have brought 8 SEO trends that you may want to implement to stay on top. 

SEO Trends for 2020: How to Get on Top of Google Search

1. Focus On Hyper-targeted Audience 

Businesses need to speak strategically with their target audience. They need to be very specific about targeting to reach the right audience at the right time. Instead of cramming a message in the face of others, business owners need to worry less about direct sales and focus on how their offerings will help the audience. 

Your audience has already seen the crammed messages, you now need to embrace helping the customers and grow with them. Use strategies for targeting the audience even if you have to pay for it. 

2. Voice Search SEO 

There is the growing prominence of chatbots and artificial intelligence which has given voice search the latest entry in SEO trends. No matter the size of your business, you will have to welcome voice search as a part of your marketing strategy. There are real-life examples of voice searches like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa which have changed the user experience. 

3. Rich Quality Content 

A huge amount of content is uploaded on the Internet every single day. Consumers are flooded with information about products and services. If you want to stand out, you need to produce high-quality content and understand the latest content trends. Your content need not be stuffed with keywords or long phrases. Your first 100 words should be the main ingredient of your story. Snippets lead to high clicks. 

Professional link-building services that work can help with a wider audience reach and generate high clicks on your content. The attention span of consumers is declining and if they do not find the content interesting in the first few words, they are not going to continue reading. Transform the way you create content and keep the audience in mind at all times. Aim for rich content on the snippet and you will see results. 

4. Optimize Content for Rich and Featured Snippets 

Google search engine is showing search results in different ways. Such as: 
  • Knowledge graphs 
  • Google Image 
  • Google News 
  • Rich Snippets 
  • Featured Snippets 
  • YouTube Video 
  • People Also Ask for Boxes 
  • Google Shopping 
  • Google Books 
  • Google Flights 
  • Google Finance 
and more.

Among them, rich and featured snippets are great ways to stand out on the search engine result page. It will help you to get more clicks on your content. 

  • Rich Snippets — Generally Google shows the result with normal snippets but likes content title and description with URL. But under rich snippet, additionally along with the title and description it shows, images, stars ratings and votes from reviewers, product prices, etc. This feature really attracts the readers to the search engine result page. 
  • Featured Snippets — Comparatively rich snippets Featured snippets bring higher CTR (Click through rates). If your content appears on the featured snippet then it will be more noticeable. In the Featured snippet, your content will show an entire block of information at the top of a Search Engine Result Page, which will increase the CTR. But getting one is quite a bit more tricky. 
Featured snippets of bloggerspice website

5. Optimize Website For Mobile 

This trend cannot be exaggerated enough. Your audience is on mobile, they are spending hours on the phone and if you are not connecting with them on mobile, you are only losing them to your competitors. You can take ideas from this article and grow your audience. It is high time you optimize your business for mobile. 

If you already have a mobile application, you need to create content that is fit for mobile. Keep the paragraphs short and break up text with headers. Use bullets and numbered lists. Check the statistics, how many people are using the mobile application? How much time do they spend on it? Focus on growing voice search on your mobile application and add convenience for your audience in every possible manner. 

6. Go For Local SEO 

Since Google rolled out its Pigeon update, map-related queries for local businesses have witnessed a grappling rise. This year, SEO is getting local. And if you wish to encash the opportunity, you need to start focusing some of your efforts on local SEO as well. 

Targeting a larger audience, but missing out on results is definitely a bummer for your digital marketing strategy. List your business in local directories, and target the tags that define your business the best. And most importantly, maintain NAP consistency if you wish to rank top in each and every search that concerns your business. 

7. Do Not Ignore Link Building 

Regardless of what you do, links are still important this year. Now more than ever, Google considers these links as silent vows to your brand and the content supporting its credibility. Moreover, links also bring in trust for your business, when users are redirected to your website from a reputable blog such as Forbes. 

Having said that, building just links won’t help unless you optimize your links to be highly relevant for your website. The higher the relevance the better trust flows to your business. And the more your digital marketing strategies would prove to be fruitful. 

8. Improve Site Loading Speed 

This does not affect your site SEO directly but loading speed indirectly affects your website ranking and also in many ways. Most of the visitors including you will not like to visit any slow-loading website. The significant points are 

  • Site loading speed improves the user experience. 
  • Website loading times impact crawling time. 
  • Generally, fast-loading websites have higher conversion rates and generate more click-through rates. 
  • Faster loading sites lower bounce rates, consequently slow loading sites increase the bounce rate. 
  • The smart device requires a faster loading website to load smoothly. 

Overall site loading speed help to optimize your site for the search engine result page. 


Small or large, manufacturer or retailer, these SEO trends are supported and proven to be helpful for every business. All you need to do is keep a track of your strategy and make sure that you stick to it. Keep these trends in mind when you form a marketing strategy for this year. Focus on creating an optimum user experience through voice search, mobile applications, and rich content.

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