How to create Dropdown Menus in Drupal 8?

If it's not "just" drop-down menus that you need to build on your Drupal 8 site, but multi-level and highly interactive ones, go for the Superfish Module! Web designers can create horizontal or vertical drop down navigation menus with Drupal. What are the different ways in which drop down menus can be created?
What Are The Ways To Develop Dropdown Menus in Drupal 8 Your Website?
When it comes to choosing PHP platforms for web development, Drupal stands out in the crowd. 

Drupal is a free and open-source web development platform that adheres to not only modern object-oriented programming patterns but also, HTML5, PHP best practices, and YAML standards. It also includes multiple available web technologies such as CKEditor, Symfony2, Twig, jQuery, Backbone.js, and Guzzle, which differentiate it from other PHP platforms. This platform has launched its latest version Drupal 8. And, this version is packed with lots of powerful features and functionalities.

If you are new to Drupal 8 then this write-up can help you with multiple things. In past few days, we received few queries regarding developing dropdown menus in Drupal 8 as developers were facing issues in completing this task.

Drupal 8 Menu Tutorial And How To Create Dropdown Menus

 So, for all of them here, we are going to discuss the ways to create the DropDown Menus in Drupal 8. Let’s get started. 

The process to Develop Dropdown Menus In Drupal 8 

A well-crafted menu not only works well on all the devices but also, brings your customers where they require to go and, that too with lesser efforts. We here will go first with the basics of developing and placing the menu links on this platform and then we will cover the procedure to create the dropdown menus. 

How to Manage Menu Links In Drupal 8? 

The menus are an important part of the Drupal 8 structure and they can be managed by clicking “STRUCTURE” and then “MENUS”. At this place, you will find the listing of the menus installed on your site. In the list, the major item is “Main Navigation”. There might be other menus in the site but there is one important menu, which links to your site’s most important pages and is placed at the top of your page. 

Managing Menu Links In Drupal 8
Managing Menu Links In Drupal 8

In the Menus Admin page, click on the “edit links” items in the Main Navigation row and, it will take you to an overview of the links in your Main Menu. If you just installed the Drupal 8 default installation profile, this menu will be just covering the home link. And, if you have installed one of the theme demos, the main menu will be having a number of links. 

How To Add New Menu Links In Drupal 8? 

If you are at the “Main Navigation Admin form” then you would have an overview of the links in the main menu. There you would be able to add/edit or delete the links. Also, you could change the order of the links by dragging the MOVE ICON mentioned on the left side of the table. 

How to create dropdown menus in Drupal
How To Add New Menu Links In Drupal 8
For adding a new link, click on “+ Add Link” tab, which is at the top of the table. Fill in the link you will need to show in your main menu. There you may add an internal path or an external URL. Using the weight option, you may tell Drupal for placing the new menu items to either on the back or on the front of the menu. 

How To Create A Dropdown Menu? 

The Dropdown menus are the solutions that help your visitors to reach out to a large number of pages in just a single click. In order to create a dropdown menu in your website based on this latest version of the Drupal, there are two different paths to get it - either from your theme or from a module. There are multiple themes that have the dropdown menu built inside. 

Apart from that, if you want to use a theme, which doesn’t support the dropdown menus and also if you don’t wish to code it yourself, you may go with the SuperFish module. 

Creating A Dropdown Menu in Drupal 8
Creating A Dropdown Menu in Drupal 8

Building Dropdown Menus With SuperFish Drupal 8 Module 

You may use this module if your theme doesn’t support the dropdown menus natively. You are also allowed to use it if it’s having some features or design components you would prefer over the system built into your theme. 

The SuperFish module too relies on the menus developed in the Drupal’s native menu admin pages. You will be able to create the menu structure with child and parent links. On getting the menu structure set up, you would be able to download the SuperFish module and to following the instructions given on their project page for installing it. After that, you could visit the blocks admin pages for eliminating the Main Navigation block and then replacing it with the SuperFish Main Navigation block. This is a new block produced by the SuperFish module.

On placing this block, you would be able to view your home page and, the dropdown menu must be working. 


Hopefully, the above-given procedure to develop the dropdown menu in your Drupal 8 website will help you accordingly. We will keep updating you with more relevant details. To get more updates, keep visiting our official blog section.

Drop Down menus | Drupal 8 guide on Drupal
Drupal 8 Menu Tutorial And How To Create Dropdown Menus

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