Overwhelmed by heavy weight? Loss it and earn up to $10,000 by bet.

You might make money by throwing dice, spinning the roulette wheel or playing slots, but a fitness company thinks dieters can gamble themselves. When we heard this a company called HealthyWage claiming people could get paid to lose weight, our interest was increased.
Overwhelmed by heavy weight? Loss it and earn up to $10,000 by bet.

Are you gaining heavy weight day by day? Do you want to lose weight? But for the lack of motivation and incentives you are unable to lose your heavy weight? Then try HealthyWage bet to lose your extra weight quickly and earn up to $10,000. 

Yes this is absolutely true that HealthyWage is paying for wellness challenges with cash prizes. However you need to become their gym member for two years. Within this time you have to achieve your weight loss target. 

Research shows that obesity is growing epidemically each year and to get relief from this growing obesity too much motivation needed, and to reach to your goal you must be stay motivated. Motivation can come from friends and family but financial incentives works well over other motivational mechanisms. 

What is HealthyWage? 

HealthyWage Company founded in 2009 and started their journey with a great initiative. Mr. David Roddenberry, co-founder of HealthyWage first lunched 10% challenge program. The main aim of this program was to rewarding people, those who willingly want to lose their extra weight. 

HealthyWage is a wellness company that pays for weight loss to whom those who takes personal or team challenge under that company. They provide small and big cash rewards to increase the effectiveness of weight loss goals. 

You may think this is another scam but it is real and their challenges has got lot of press coverage on The Washington post, Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC, The Doctors, CNN etc. this indicates that they are 100% legit. Beside of this there are many bet winner history available in their website. 

They run the challenges under 2 departments. 

1. Public Challenge Department 
  • Individual Challenge – Personally can take Challenge for winning the cash money. 
  • Team Challenge - Team can build with up to 5 persons and first prize is $10,000. 
  • Jackpot Challenge - Both Individual and team participate in this Challenge to earn the jackpot. 
  • Step Challenge - Both Individual and team can achieve specific step to win in Challenge. 
2. Corporate & Brand Challenge Department - This is a wellness Challenge for large public and private sector employers. 

How to start with HealthyWage? 

After reviewing their website I have found the joining process is very simple. You have to go through the 4 straight forward steps to take up wellness challenge. Just go through the below steps to know the exact process. 

Step #1: Visit https://www.healthywage.com/ and use “HealthyWage Prize Calculator”. This will help you to determine how much weight you want to lose. You will see the 10 lbs to 200 lbs you can lose after taking challenges. Have a look at the below examples, it is representing how much you can earn by losing different weight measurement. 
  • For 10 lbs weight lose prize range is $444 - $700 
  • For 20 lbs weight lose prize range is $444 - $1,000 
  • For 30 lbs weight lose prize range is $444 - $1,176 
  • For 50 lbs weight lose prize range is $444 - $1,296 
  • For 100 lbs weight lose prize range is $1,454 - $1,596 
  • For 100 lbs weight lose prize range is $1,774 - $2,196 
So we can see the prize amount chronologically increases. And this is varying on how many pounds do you wants to actually lose. 

HealthyWage prize calculator
HealthyWage Prize calculator

So select your weight loss target and prize until you satisfy. You can earn up to $10,000 through individual challenge. After selecting your weight lose target you have to select the Months. Suppose you want to reach to your target within 12 months, then you have to select 12 on prize calculator. In addition select how much do you want to bet per month, this will help you to fixed the targeted amount. 

Step #2: After calculating the prize amount you have to click on “GO TO STEP 2!” button. It will take you in next step and there you need to answer of 4 questions about your Gender, height, weight, waist size etc. After that HealthyWeight will send you an email with your Prize amount. Note that, everybody won’t get the same amount of cash prize; it will vary person to person. 

Step #3: The third step is your weight verification. If you don’t head to the gym yet your weight loss timer will not start. You need to go to their gym to verify your weight. However you can verify your weight from home by uploading your total weight video in their website. 

Step #4: This is the final stage. At the end of your wager period you have to visit the GYM again for weight verification. If you can reach in your goal then HealthyWage will pay you directly. 

It should be mentioned that if you don’t accomplish your weight loss goal then you will lose in bet and lose your betting money. In addition, your monthly contribution will be used to support HealthyWage, as well as they will pay to the future winners. 

Team Challenges 

If you fail in individual challenge then don’t be upset there are also other options for you. Simply which to team challenge which will help you to lose weight rapidly. Because behind team challenge both cash incentives and team member’s influence work together which will lead you to lose weight rapidly. The positive side of team challenge is peers pressure; to achieve the goals the team members push each other frequently. 

To take team challenge you have to form a team with 3 to 5 or 6 members and you need to take the bet as a whole team. Through a team challenge each member can earn $2,000 and jointly $10,000. 

Individual Success Story 

Anastasia W. Check out the HealthyWage winners who achieved her own personal weight loss goals and won big: 

Successful winner of HealthyWage
Successful winner of HealthyWage
Anastasia W. living in Edmonton, Washington, she has gained heavy weight and bad shape over the past few years. For this reason, she felt problem when she go outdoors. She was like chubby and this was so health condition miserable for her. Suddenly her boyfriend found HealthyWage challenge and he has shared about this with Anastasia. 

She was very worried for overweight; even she was getting stress from her colleague. Finally she made up her mind that she will bet on HealthyWage. And after struggling 18 months she lost 41 lbs and she has won $10,000 HealthyWager. Not only she got $10k in her pocket but also she is feeling far better than before. New exercise and food habit helped her to regain her confidence about life. 

This is only one story and like Anastasia thousands of participants with wining story are now living a healthy life by the blessing of HealthyWage. Everybody dreams to have a better lifestyle and HealthyWage bring this thing in reality. You can also win like Anastasia and achieve a much better lifestyle. 

Final Verdict 

HealthyWage program is just like gambling. Either you will win or you have to lose. Many participant see this as great incentives, however if you failed to reach in your goal then you will lose your bet. And you have to pay them the betting money. 

Still health conscious people are treating this program as a good initiative, because after taking challenge people will be highly motivated to lose their weight. On the other hand, there is also having the fear of losing money. For this reason most of the participants become desperate to win. 

Overwhelmed by heavy weight? Loss it with healthwage and earn up to $10,000 by bet.
Earn $10,000 by bet with HealthyWage

Don’t think that HealthyWage is making money by betting only; rather they pull money from large corporate and government clients those who are interested in brand new creative weight loss ideas. Though here money is the main motivation and most of the people signup only for the money, but apart from this their main aim is to inspiring people to lose weight and stay healthy. 

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