How to change the date of a blog post in blogger and Republish for SEO?

If you use Blogger or BlogSpot as your blogging platform and would like to change the date of a previously published post and Republish for SEO then follow this step-by-step.
How to change the date of a blog post in blogger and Republish for SEO?

Do you think! you should change your old blog post's publishing date and time for Post improvement and optimize for SEO?

There are 30% Blog posts are not reading by your readers, because your old Blog post become outdated. In order to maximize your Blog post readability and page view you must change your Blog post's published date and time and republish for improving Blog page and SEO optimization. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to change the Blog post publish date of a previously published blog post in blogger. In addition, I will show you the way to change the published blog post URL easily. 

Why Should we change the blog post's publish date and time?

This is a good question. You may think Blog post date changing is a useless thing but this small effort can change your blog rank and improve your Blog traffic and page SEO like sky rocket. 

Generally we should change Blog post's date and time after making certain changes and improvement of particular post. 

There are some reasons below you need to know that why we should change the Blog post publish date and time after making changes in your old Blog post.
  • Re-write your outdated content with up-to-date information.
  • Remove all grammatical error that you have previously made. 
  • Add necessary keywords on your existing post to compete with other related post.
  • Republishing the old blog post to avoid duplicate content SEO penalties.
  • Adding Internal linking to increase pageview. 
Beside of this you can republish a Blog post with less effort, because you already have your masterpiece in your hand and just you have to update the previous one to give a brand new flavor. 

There are many Blog readers visit only brand new article and they even don't read and bookmark high quality older blog post. So by re-writing your old blog post you can increase your Blog pageview and readers. 

How to Edit blogger blog post's publish date and Republish for SEO?

You may think just updating Blog post with new information, you have done everything. But indeed you did 50% of work, because search crawler will detect some new information in your older blog post but it won't give any emphasize on your stale older blog post. Even your existing Blog readers won't get any notification that you have updated your old Blog post. Moreover, Search engine always love fresh and brand new content. So you must republish it in a latest date and time without changing the main URL. 

There are some newbie simply delete their old blog post and publish it newly but they need to know that how they are losing page rank on that blog post. So we need focus on some issues while republishing a older blog post newly. Those are as follows:
  • You must keep Blog post URL same - Because your old blog post already indexed by different search engines and maybe shared on various social media sites. So if you change the Blog Post URL then when a user click on the link from search Engine result page and social media site like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc. then they will land directly into error 404 page. As a result, you may lose referral traffic and pageviews as well. 
  • Avoid duplicate content - After publishing your blog post search engine index it and when you delete your old blog post and republish with a new URL then search engine will detect that post as duplicate content. Because you have same content with 2 unique URLs. 
  • Keep keywords on Blog Post title - Suppose you have written an article on On-page SEO and this is your main keyword. And when you are going to republish your article then you should keep the main keyword in your Post title. Otherwise, you will lose ranking on search engine for this special keyword.
  • Modify the Post's META description - If you see your old meta description is not appropriate with your updated content then you should change it. And keep the META description within 150 words for better optimization . 

How to Change the Post Date and Time on Blogger?

I will guide you for changing the post date and time automatically of a Blogger Blog post. This is really super easy. But before that complete the post rewriting task and go through below step-by-step guideline: 

Step #1: Login to your Blogger template and go to the dashboard. 

Step #2: Find the post that you want to Republish and click on Edit link. 

How to edit a Blogger Blog post?
Edit Blogger Blog post

Step #3: From the top right, click Post Settings and go over to Published on.

How to change Blog Post Publish Date and Time in blogger?
Blog Post Publish Date and Time

Step #4: Click Set date and time and Change the date to whatever you would like. Click Done to save new date. 

Step #5: To update the Blog post in current date and time simply select Automatic and click Update button, instantly your Blog post will publish on present date and time, as well as it will display at the top of all Blog post in blogger homepage. 

Isn't it so easy? Yes! after publishing your Blog post it check your Blogger homepage and see your updated post is displaying in homepage. Also visit your feedburner site and see your republished blog is displaying at the top. This mean Google will find this post as brand new and re-index the URL and crawl over the search engine. 

What should I do if I Change Blog post URL?

You may want to change the Blog post URL and this can happen in case of auto generated permalink. For example you may see your old blogger post's URL looks like below:


Here you can see the URL has ended with custom_8 and this is not a SEO friendly URL. And in this case you must change your old blog post URL with post updates. 

Step #1: Go to the blogger dashboard and click Posts

Step #2: Edit the post that you want to Republish and click on Edit link. 

Step #3: Click Revert to draft from the top. If you don't revert your Blog post into draft then you won't able to change the URL. 

learn hot to Revert Your Blog Post into Draft in blogger?
Revert Your Blog Post into Draft

Step #4: From the right, click Post Settings and go over to Links-> Permalink

how to Select Custom Permalink and change the URL in blogger
Select Custom Permalink and change the URL

Step #5: Select Custom Permalink and change your permalink. Try to keep it short within 2 or 3 words. 

Step #6: Finally click Publish button to make your Blog post live. 

tutorial to change the date of a blog post in blogger and Republish for SEO?
How to change the date of a blog post in blogger and Republish for SEO?
Now your Blog URL has changed and Google will Index it newly. Make sure you have used custom redirect from your older Blog post URL to new URL for transferring the traffic and linkjuice into your new URL. Hope this tutorial will help to republish your old blog post without changing the post URL and this will help to optimize your content SEO and improve your Blog post page rank. Thank you. 
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