Complete Guidelines To Start And Manage A Successful Food Blog

Learn how to become a successful food blogger? The food world and especially outside the food blogosphere will give you a completely different perspective. How do you deal with the volume of food produced by testing recipes?
how to start a food blog?

World’s largest industry is food industry and there are zillion of people are closely working in this industry. The popularity of Food Blog won’t die away. And its demand always remains same. So you want to start a food Blog? Huh! But a big question is hovering around your mind that where to start your food blog? I know how frustrating it can be to deal with technical and creative stuff. To start a Food Blog you should have some good knowledge about food industry, cooking and killer recipe. The combination of those things you can stand out your Food blog over the crowed. Note that the more unique recipe you can produce you will become more successful food Blogger.

However Incase of Food Blog video tutorial works best but Blog also provide 60% your audience answer. We can classify the total Food Blogging creation process into 2 categories.
  1. Starting a Food Blog
  2. Managing a Food Blog

1. Starting a Food Blog

While you go for starting a Food Blog you should do some pre plan. Such as buying domain and hosting, web design,

#1: Choose a Matched Domain name

For food related Blog you should select a domain name which match with your blogging niche. Everybody wants to find a creative and catchy domain name but few of us get suitable one. Selection of Domain name is most challenging part of any new blogger. And in some cases domain name helps to grow your Blog rapidly. However to get a good domain name for Food Blog keep it short, sweet and unique thus people can easily remember it.

#2: Register Your Domain name and Hosting

In second step you should register a domain name as soon as possible after revel your desire domain name. But you will see most of the domain name has taken by others but don’t worry keep searching. For registering a domain you can buy it from GoDaddy. But it will be a wise decision to buy domain + Hosting at a time from same company. If you want to buy a hosting with free domain name then you can try BlueHost.

#3: Setup Your Food Blog

After purchasing Domain and Hosting now we will go for install WordPress (content management system). This is a Blogging platform wherein your Food Blog data will be stored. If you have purchased Domain and Hosting from Bluehost then enter into your hosting control panel and follow the below steps –

Step #1: From BlueHost cPanel click “Hosting” from top menubar and scroll down select “WordPress Logo” under the website builder.

Step #2: You will head to WordPress installation page. From there click “Install” button.

Step #3: Now you have to select your domain which one you would like to. Click “Check Domain”.

Step #4: After that check "I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2" then click "Install Now".

Step #5: It will take minimum 5 minutes to install your WordPress and after that you will see Congrats message.

Step #6: You will get Login URL for your WordPress site. Just enter your details to login.

#4: Blog Site Design

Food lover People want to see a good design that is as appetizing. People judge a blog after first look. Poor Blog design with user unfriendly site receives fewer visitors. So you can hire a designer or design your own site.

You can start your Blog with free or paid template but try to use a unique design for branding your site. But Blogging is all about content so don’t overdo the design.

2. Managing a Food Blog

You have completely created your Food Blog and the next step is managing your Blog professionally. There are several points you should keep in your mind for managing your Food Blog.

#1: Select Blogging Niche

Food Blog has several niches and you can start with any specific niche. Don’t walk aimless, because you won’t see success. There are several Food Blogging niche. Such as –
  • Indian Food
  • Thai Food
  • Chinese Food
  • Western Food
  • Fast Food
  • Deserts
  • Special Diet Recipes
  • 20 Minutes Meal

#2: Wonderful writing

To become a successful blogger you must write well, for creating your own voice in your writing is more important. Food writer should explain their topic lively. If readers don’t find it interesting then they will switch to other Blog. There are many blogger who can simply write but this is not enough to grow your readership, take writing as a craft, I am sure you get better at it the more you do it.

#3: Rock solid Recipe

Don’t think people are only read Food blog; indeed they are making food according to recipe. Food Blog is all about sharing recipe. Whatever your niche often you need to share secret recipe. If you can share some unique cooking formulas then your blog will boom up soon. Remember that your audience just loves food and they have some good experience about Food. They want to see something new and delicious. So try to share unique recipe that never shared in other website. However same type food you can cook with different ingredients, so this is a chance to highlight your secret recipe.

While you write recipe then make a list of ingredients in the order they are used in the recipe. As well as write out the words how many tablespoons and teaspoons to avoid confusion for the reader and be as specific as possible. You should write your recipe like pro.

#4: Add gorgeous food photography

It is absolutely true that Food Blog required gorgeous high quality photograph. You don’t need a higher quality camera.  But there are simple techniques works best for photography always try to take image closely and don’t use build-in front flash on your camera to photography. If you don’t have camera then you can use free stock photo. Make sure your stock food photo looks appetizing.

There is numerous “food porn” sites available over the net you can get awesome picture from there.
  • Food Porn Daily  | Visit -
  • FoodGawker       | Visit -
  • TasteSpotting      | Visit -
  • Tastelogie           | Visit -
Just pick a suitable image for your Food blog. If you wish to take your own picture then try to figure out how to reproduce it. Pay attention to the photo’s light condition, shadow, and environment.

fresh spice for food blogging

On the other hand you can grab some Food photography book and get knowledge how to take photos for food properly.

#5: Read Cookbooks

There are many Cookbooks available and sometimes you can go through those food books. For writing a masterpiece you must read a lot. As well as you should be familiar with different spices and herbs. Suppose you are sharing content about food but due to lack of knowledge or accidentally you can miss some point or a spice on your writing. After that when your audience will try it then the food taste won’t be the same. So read food blogosphere as much as possible, you will gain a completely different viewpoint. There are many cookbooks available online you can buy to read, and obviously this will increase your food related knowledge.

#6: Join Food Blog Forum

When you are out of idea or get stuck on a recipe then you can look through food resource site. The resource site not only helps you to get new idea but also you will get inspiration from other Blogger. This is very easy to discover unique recipe from Food Blog forum, and later you can share with your Blog readers or cook it to taste something new. There are some forums URL below you may find handy.
  • FoodBlogForum       | Visit -
  • FoodBloggerPro       | Visit -
  • GomiBlog                | Visit -
  • foodblogalliance       | Visit -
  • Whiteonricecouple    | Visit -

#7: Visit Different Food Shop

If you just stick to the digital world and in book then you won’t able to get more real life experience. You need to visit different food shop around your town and taste food there, if possible collect recipe from them. Moreover you can share your food experience with your readers and you can recommend visiting those places and tasting the food.  

At the end Food Blogging is not very tough job if you are one of food lover people. But most of the blogger make a mistake that they don’t test their recipe. They just write and when readers ask question then can’t answer accurately. This is absolutely true that most bloggers don’t have time to cook and taste their own recipe but if you look through some of the top tier food bloggers and everyone else that their recipes work, because they test their recipe before Blog post. Remember that due to wrong recipe your Blog readers become dissatisfy and they won’t come back in your site. So do Food blog with caution. Wish you best of luck with your Food Blog.

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Start And Manage A Successful Food Blog
Let me know how you have started your Food Blog and what you do to mange it? 
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