How to utilize Buffer for Blogging and Social Success?

What is Buffer? How to utilize Buffer for our Blog? And learn how to share our Blog content though Buffer in various social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and in Pinterest automatically.
what is buffer?

First may become a question in your mind what is Buffer? This is not any shield or bumper; rather we can say this is a Blogging and social media solution. Exactly Buffer is a social media app that helps to solve your content sharing solution. Buffer is a better medium to share content on social media. And this is not only for personal web but also this is a excellent social media management for marketers and agencies.

If you have previously used RSS Graffiti or then you may know about the work of those apps or site. They help you to share your Blog content automatically in various social media sites.

Buffer is almost same as RSS Graffiti or but it has some other exclusive feature that other apps don’t have. Such as-
  • You can Schedule your Content sharing time.
  • You can use Link shortening feature.
  • Get analytical report after share you content

What Social Media Sites Buffer Support?

Buffer not only support specific page but also it support social profile and Group to share your content. Currently Buffer is supporting 5 social media site where you can share your content automatically but you can use 4 social media site content sharing at free of cost and for Pinterest you have to join in paid plan. Buffer for Business can avail all the service at a time with the simple charge. Buffer supports-

  • Facebook: Profile, Page, and Group (for groups you do have to be the admin)
  • LinkedIn: Profile, Company Page, and Group (for groups you do have to be the admin)
  • Twitter: Profile
  • Google+: Business Pages
  • Pinterest accounts (On Awesome and Business)

How to Create an Account on Buffer?

We must learn about using Buffer for Blogging and Social Success. Before that first you have to connect with Buffer by registering in their site. By default you can register with Buffer by your Twitter account but also you can register with Buffer directly through any email address.

Step 1 Go to and connect your any social media account like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin account for registering with Buffer.

connect social media account

Step 2 For connecting your social media site you must Authorize Buffer to use your account.

Step 3 If you have directly registered with Buffer by your email address then you have to connect your social media site one by one. So go to Buffer Dashboard and connect your social media site one by one.

sharing on social media

Step 4 After connecting your social profile from Buffer Dashboard go to Schedule tab and set time and date for scheduling your content sharing option.

Step 5 To use Link Shortening features go to Settings tab and select Link Shortening option. You can use,, shortening link or if you wish to share content with original link then use no shortening option.

link shortening

Step 6 After setting all the staff now your Buffer is ready to share content. But for spreading your content in multiple social media site you must share your blog content on Buffer dashboard. Because for auto sharing from your Blog Feed you must move your Buffer account to Paid Plan. So for sharing content go to Content tab and share your content link where written What do you want to share? That’s it your content will be in queue for publishing in scheduled time. But you can post instantly by using Share Now option from bottom right corner of the content sharing box.

post your content on Buffer

If you think that manually adding the content every time is bothering then you can upgrade your account to five different tiers of Plans.

How Much Money you have to spend for using Buffer Plans?

Plans and Pricing vary according to the volume of facility and features. Buffer has five different tiers of plan, you can have a look below-
  • Individual Plan: This plan is perfect for Small Blog and Website publisher. Because Individual Plan users don’t have to spend a single penny. And easily you can share your content on top 4 social media site.  
  • Awesome Plan: This plan is little update plan than Individual Plan. This plan is suitable for power users and entrepreneurs those who are running blogs and websites and want to see the performance of their sites. You will also able to add your RSS feed under Awesome Plan for auto post sharing. It includes basic analytics, and costs $10/month or $102/year.
  • Small Business Plan: For small business owner can using this feature. Because this plan includes business analytics, as well as the other additional features that come with all business plans. It costs $50/month or $510/year.
  • Medium Business Plan: Its sounds like advance lever of Small business. For multiple site owners Medium Business Plan has tailored. This plan is for more profiles, more sites, and more posts. The cost will be $100/month or $1,020/year.
  • Large Business Plan: This is the top tier plan of Buffer. And this plan has tailored for enterprise-level sites. And the cost will be $250/month or $2,550/year.

Some Special Feature of Buffer for Social Media Success

Among various features I have found some special feature which is really helpful for social media success. Suppose you have published a post on your Blog at 12 A.M and at that time if you want to share your content, then very few people login to their social media site. So you won’t be able to spread your content in social media successfully. So Buffer has the solution which is called Schedule Time zone.

Beside of this if you want to share something in specific time then by scheduling you will able to display your content accurately.

In addition, many blog and website can be found with sharing widget with Buffer option. They are really brilliant. Because if a Buffer user share their content then your post will be automatically share on his various social media site.  And this will help the Blogger to get big chunk of traffic.

Twitter support large type image. And after share a large landscape image it will show on the profile page. As a result I have used 700px X 300px dimension image. But still twitter is displaying only the link. And to see the post social media users have to view the summary. But when I have shared my post through Buffer on Twitter then it is displaying whole image. And this could be diverting new traffic in our site.

buffer post on Twitter

By seeing analytical report you will understand how many clicks you are getting on your content from social media sites. And according to analytical reposts you can improve your site later.

So I think Buffer is really awesome for making our Blogging career and social media success. If you have any other favorite uses of Buffer then let me know. Your personal experience will help us to grow our Blog. Thank you.
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