How to Claim and Verify Blogger site in Alexa?

How to Claim and Verify Blogger site in Alexa?

Alexa is an’s company that provides actionable analytics for the website. Mainly provide information about traffic flow on a site. Alexa traffic rank is very important for analyzing the site performance. If you want to take your site in next level then your must work hard on it. But this is not possible to judge your site performance easily. Because to judge a site performance you must know the site statistic data, such as how many visitors are visiting your site, which country's people are randomly visiting your site? Visitor's age group, gender etc. And to know those all kinds of staff you must use Alexa Toolbar. In addition Alexa Rank is important for Google SEO. Because higher Alexa ranked Blogger site will get more priority than other low Alexa ranked site.

However just adding toolbar in browser is not enough. Because you have to claim or add your site on Alexa and after that you have to verify your site. But Alexa will not force you to verify your site. So you have to do this by yourself. In this tutorial I will show you how we can claim and verify our Blogger site on Alexa.

Get Site Verification ID from Alexa

However before you proceed should have an Alexa registered account. But if you didn’t registered yet then register with Alexa site by visiting link. If you have already Alexa account then please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and sign in there.

Step 2 Now Press Add My Site button from top right corner and type your site Name. And press Continue button.

Step 3 Again copy the URL and paste it on your Browser’s address bar. And hit the Enter button from Keyboard.

claim your site

Step 4 This will redirect to site ownership verification page. You will see there are 3 methods. Easiest way to verify a site with Meta tag. So select Method 2. You have to just click on Circle 2 by mouse pointer.


Step 5 Your Site Verification ID will be visible in an Expended box. Copy that Meta verification code. And don’t click on Verify my ID button until adding the verification ID on your Blogger site. And don’t close this page.

verification ID

Adding Site Verification ID in Blogger Template

After that you have to place that Alexa verification Meta code in your Blogger Site. To do this follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on Now click on -> Template -> Edit HTML

Step 3 Now find the <head> by pressing Ctrl+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac) 

Step 4 And Paste the Alexa Verified code below/After <head> 

Step 5 Now hit the Save template button.

Verify the Blogger Site on Alexa

After follow the above steps you have successfully added the Alexa verified ID on your Blog site. But now you have to do the main task. In above I was told you to don’t click on Verify my ID button from Alexa site until adding the verification ID on your Blogger site. So now you have added the Alexa verification ID and follow the below steps

Step 1 Go back on Alexa page and click on Verify my ID button.

Step 2 After short auto process Your site is successfully claimed message will display below Verify my ID button. That means your site has successfully claimed on Alexa. And Alexa will analyze your site about site traffic.

site verified

Remember that Less Alexa counts less point is good rank and more point is bad rank.  Suppose your site rank is 100,000 then this is good rank, but if your site rank got 80,000 then this is better rank than before.

Another think you have to note that for getting Historical data for site rank your Alexa rank must have below 100,000 otherwise Alexa won’t show you details information. 
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