How to upload an Image inside Blogger Blog Post?

How to upload an Image inside Blogger Blog Post?
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Image is necessary for better explaining Blog content. If we just add monotonous text only then user won't feel interesting. Only image can make a article alive. In addition there are many factors that can't be explain by writing only. In this case Image plays a vital rule for better understanding. For more clarification of any content Bloggers are now using Video clip.

However In this tutorial I will show you how we can upload Image inside Blog Post. This is pretty easy but essential for newbie who are using first time their Blog. Please follow the below steps for upload image.

How to Upload Image on Blog Post?

First of all we will see how we can upload an Image in Blog post. The following tutorial might be helpful for you.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on  Now click on -> New post 

Step 3 Now Click on  Insert Image Icon. A popup window will open.

image icon

Step 4 So simply under Upload option click on Choose files button. And select your image from Hard drive. If you want to upload multiple Image then select multiple image at a time.

select image

Step 5 Image will upload now and After that select the image and click on Add selected button from the bottom of popup window. Instantly your image will be insert in Blogger writing panel.

image uploaded

Congratulation you have successfully inserted the image in Blogger Blog post. From my point of view Image quality should be higher but image size should be minimum level. If you add blur image with lower resolution then readers may feel annoying instead of interesting. But don't add image which is more than 1 MB. In my Blog I always add .png format image which is good in quality and less in size. However most of the Blogger use .jpeg format image and this is best compressed image with lower size but this can be make your Blog image quality inferior. 
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