How to change Blogger subdomain Name with different one?

How to change Blogger subdomain name with different one

For using Google Blogger platform every user must have a Blogger sub-domain. After registering a sub-domain with Blogger and posting 10 to 15 posts you might find some more attractive and easy name available which can be register for sub-domain. For example: your Blog has register with but after few days you see that is still available and you want to register that blog for using. However you don't want to lose your current Blog posts. In that case we can easily change Blogger sub-domain name with different one easily. Alternatively you can copy and paste all the Blog post in new Blog but this is time consuming. So the best way to change the Blogger sub-domain name.

In this tutorial I will show you how we can change the Blogger sub-domain name. but remember that you will lose your current subscriber. On the other hand if you have already shared the post links on social media site then you have to delete the all link and share again the new link.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 
Click on Now click on ->Settings -> Basic 

Step 3 Under publishing select -> Blog Address and click on Edit option.

change domain name

Step 4 Now change your Blog Address with new one.


In this tutorial I have changed with If sub-domain name is not available then it will show a message that Subdomain is not available.

Step 5 Finally press on Save button.

And check your Blog that your Blog sub-domain has changed. As a result you will get older links replaced with your new sub-domain link. I think this is very easy to change sub-domain name in Blogger but the problem is about older link. Most of the case if search engine indexed your older link you should remove it by sending link removal request from Google Webmaster Tools. 

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