How to use Background Color and Image in WordPress site?

How to use Background Color and Image in WordPress site?
background color

WordPress Blog user can easily change the themes background color. But this feature doesn't work on all themes. Using same theme with same backgeound may look dull but if you change the background color then you might see that your theme has got little bit different look. Color combination is the most effective reason, which can divert big chunk of traffic on Blog. Anyway we will see how we can easily change the WordPress site's background color? Fortunately if you are using Default WordPress theme then you can select unlimited color for theme background by a single click. Not only color but also we will learn how can we add background image or patter in WordPress themes. For giving example I am using Twenty twelve WordPress theme.

How to change background color on WordPress Site?

We will add color as WordPress  background-

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard 

Step 2 first go to ->Appearance -> Themes page from WordPress Dashboard.


Step 3 And click on the Customize button next to its title. After that it will take you to WordPress Title and Tagline option page. 


Step 4 To change Site's background color expand the Colors option and change Background Color by moving your mouse pointer. You can change the color's darkness and lightness from vertical bar with mouse pointer.

unlimited color

Step 5 So after necessary changes click on Save & Publish button from top of editing bar.

That's all we are now able to change WordPress Site Background color.

How to add background image or pattern on WordPress Site?

Though we have already learned to change the background color of WordPress site but now I will show you how we can add background image or patter. Before proceed you should find out a suitable pattern or background image for your theme Again follow the Step 1 to Step 3 and after that go through following steps-

Step 4 To add Site's background image or pattern click to expand the Background Image option and again expand No Image option under Background Image.

upload image

Step 5 Now click on select a file link it will take 5/10 seconds to upload the image that depends on image file size.

background image

Step 6 Now some Image option will activate like Background Repeat, Position, Attachment change and select option until fixing the background image in your WordPress theme.

background pattern

Step 7 And click on Save & Publish button from top of editing bar.

That's it now you would able to change background color as well as add background Image on your WordPress site. 
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