Insert YouTube Video Directly from Blogger Post Editor

how to search and insert YouTube Video from Blogger Post Editor

Many Blog user add their Video Tutorial on their blog to make it more understandable for their viewers. Not only Blog Tutorial but also Music Video, Movie Trailer, Educational Video Tutorial embedding by website or Blog owner. It varies on Blogging niche. Generally for inserting YouTube video on Blog post we have to visit the YouTube site and find the Embed code after that user will able to add the desired video. But this is bit complicated for new users.

Because a user have to use HTML mode while creating Blog post and after that switching on compose mode s/he able to publish the YouTube video. However Blogger has a good feature where we can search and insert YouTube video directly without any manual video code embedding process.

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger account and go to Dashboard

Step 2 Create a New Post.

Step 3 From Post Editor click on Insert a video icon.

insert video

Step 4 In Popup window select From YouTube Tab.

If you already have uploaded your own Video in YouTube under same Google Account then select My YouTube videos Tab. You will see the list of your Uploaded video from YouTube. So select the desired video and click on Select button.

Step 5 Type any video Title on Video Search Box and Hit the Search icon.

from YouTube

Step 6 From Search Result select video and hit the Select button from bottom of window.

video thumbnail

Step 7 Finally publish and check your post to see the Video.

After inserting the video on Post editor YouTube video file will show the image thumbnail. But you can see and play the video after Publishing the post. I think this is the most easiest way to search and insert YouTube video on BlogSpot. 
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