How to Apply and use or change blogger default template?

tutorial to install blogger default template
blogger template

Blogger is an awesome platform that free to use. Blogger has included all types of feature for assisting a new user. When we register with Blogger and create a new blog then we get a default template. But users may not like this default template. In this case you have alternative options to use different default template and those can be found in blogger dashboard.

Many user like to use blogger default template because those are ideal for search engine and get better visibility on search engine. As well as blogger default templates are too fast to load. So it is also good for users of lower Internet speed.

In this content I will show you how we can use different template that incorporated by Google Blogger.

Blogger provide total 35 default for each account under 7 categories. So you can choose your desired template according to your niche. Categories are as follows-
  • Simple 7 template available
  • Dynamic Views 7 template available
  • picture Window 3 template available
  • Awesome Inc. 7 template available
  • Watermark 4 template available
  • Ethereal 3 template available
  • Travel 4 template available
The main reason of categories default blogger template is to help users to choose instantly. For example simple template can be used for all types of site. Picture Window template is for personal and professional photo based blog.  In addition Travel template can be perfect for traveler bloggers. Blogger has covered almost all niches of template according to their blogging notion need.

So let's go for Apply and use or change blogger default template by one click.

Step 1 Sign in to your blogger account and go to blogger dashboard

Step 2 On Blogger Dashboard Click ->Template

Step 3 Scroll down and see the list of template with preview in Grid style under 7 categories.

template list

Step 4 Simply mouse over on each template then 2 link option will be visible below template images

Apply To Blog | Customize


Step 5 Though we will apply new template in blog so directly click on Apply To Blog link

it will take less than 5 second to install your selected template and it will be ready to use. You can check the template 2 ways.
  • Simply scroll up and see your template of blogger dashboard.
  • And secondly you can visit your blog by clicking on View Blog button.

template view

If you would like to change your current default blogger template then again scroll down and choose a template finally click on Apply To Blog link. that's it.
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