Add Blog Title And Description at Blogger Backend for search engine

how to add blog title and description for better visibility in search engine?
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Blog user often see their blog title and description in search engine exactly they have written at the time of blog registration. But many newbie don't know how to add the blog description as a result blog description won't display on search engine. Adding attractive Blog title and description significantly affect on visitors. Because from and eye-catching title and description your blog visitor may rise rapidly. 

Almost all user when made a search query then first they read the blog title and secondly description. It they like the title and description then they intent to visit the blog. So this is very important to write a attractive blog title and concise blog description.

Majority of blog user only add the Blog Title And Description between opening and closing head of the template.  for example-

<title>Blogger Spice </title>
<meta content=This is my blog about......' name='description'/>

And when googlebot visit the blog then they can detect the blog title and description. Sometimes it takes 1 week, sometimes 1 month for visiting your blog by googlebot. So this is little lengthy process. nevertheless if you make some mistake then your effort will become pointless.  But after regular updating the blog, I mean regular posting content googlebot will visit consequently.  

However we can ad blog title and description very easily without any prior blogging knowledge and also Google search engine will detect the blog title and description easily. Google has added an option at the backend where you can add your blog title and description easily as well as whenever you want you can change the title and description.

google engine

And this process is very fruitful rather adding between opening and closing head. Blog user can go through following tutorial to add blog title and description properly.

Step 1 Sign in to your blogger account and go to blogger dashboard

Step 2 On Blogger Dashboard Click ->Settings -> Basic

Step 3 Now find the Title and Description field and Edit Title first and write new title. And click on Save Changes button.

blog title

Step 4 Now Edit the Description field write your Blog description within one sentence. And click on Save Changes button. But this description will visible only on your blogger template header section.

header title

Step 5 Again On Blogger Dashboard Click ->Settings -> Search Preferences

Step 6 Now find the Description field and click on Edit button

description for search engine

Step 7 First you have to enable description so click on Yes radio button.  and write description here. You can write up to 150 words description. Remember that this description will be visible on search engine. so write it preciously.

Step 8 And click on Save Changes button.

You are done now. And after visiting your blog by google bot you can see the changes on search result.

Hope you have successfully changed the Blog title and description. Note that you can write any title and description as you like. But keep the title and description similar to your blogging niche. If you are running blog about new then write news related the title and description. if the blog about sports then write about sports niche. If you have any further question then feel free to write me. Thanks. 

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