What are the Differences between Blog and Website?

Blog vs Website
Blog VS Website

We often use the words blog and website when we go for explaining any tutorial. In addition we also say that I am blog or website owner. This is a confusing matter to understand proper differences between a Blog and website. Most of the people think both are same or not have difference or they think free platform used by blog and website is a paid platform. This is true by one aspect but there are many other factors involve to distinguish blog and website.

Blog and it’s distinguish features

A Blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website. According to wiki Blog is a contradiction of web log. And it would be updated with new content from time to time, I mean regular basis. Blog is a type of website (Web log= Blog). Blog can easily attract numerous and chronic visitors. The features of Blog are as follows-

Free Of Cost

Blog is always free to create and maintenance. There are many blog Platform provide service for Blogging. You don’t have to pay any money for buying domain and hosting space unless you would plan to use custom domain.

Updated almost daily

Blog always update regularly and daily basis. The best example is Journal, News blog which is always update. And this is one of the best distinguishable feature of Blog from website.

Blog is Dynamic

Blog is always dynamic because of its regular updates or its design and contents. Blogger always active on making new content and replying feedback of the commentators. And Search Engines love fresh Content that Created From Blogs.

Articles appearing in reverse-chronological order

Blog article always shows in reverse-chronological order, this means the latest post will display on top of the blog home page.

Blog provide commenting system

This is one of the positive feature of blog that it is included commenting system and through this Blog readers can give feedback as well as interact with author.

Frequently crawl by Search Engines

Due to regular update Blog often crawl by Search engines. Because search engine always display relevant search result so it gives priority always on updated blog.

Often covers a wide variety of articles

Through blog an author cover wide range of topics. There are various type of blog like personal, news, game review, sports, tech, etc. so blogger often get a chance to cover all the topic on specific niche of the blog.

Use simple language

Readers always love to read blog because of simple language. Blog always understandable by newbie or any class of readers. This is a distinguishable feature of blog.


Website and it’s distinguish features

Website is a general term. (Site on web=website). According to wiki Website is a contradiction of site on web. Website always create for business or professional purpose. It contain the information about any specific organization. The features of Website are as follows-

Paid Platform

Website is always use paid platform. You have to spend money for domain and hosting storage. Moreover any kinds of upgrade and maintenance you have to pay service charge for website.

Update rarely

Website doesn’t update like blog. Majority website upgrade at the beginning of site development. And if require any updates then it do quarterly or on every 6 month.

Website is static

Website is most of the time static because it doesn’t update regularly. Website contain permanent data and information about any organization so it often remain static.

Articles appearing in linear order

Website article always appear linear or horizontal basis. A website can be within one page only thus visitors can see all the information at a glance.

Website doesn’t provide commenting system

There are a little chance to give feedback to Website by visitors. Because most of the time you have to contact through email address of the website.

Doesn’t crawl frequently by Search Engines

Due to rare update website doesn’t crawl regularly. Search engine will display only the website link and its related information link on search engine.

Website cover short topics or news

You won’t get any details information or topic in website. It just cover short topics or news about the organization.

Often Use complex language

Because of professionalism website use complex language. The purpose of website is not to serve general readers rather it target specific readers group. So it often use difficult language.

So those are the differences among Blog and website. I hope now it is clear to all why Blog and website is different for their distinguishable features. If you have anything to add then feel free to share with us. 
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