Google AdSense Account requires Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Google AdSense Account requires Personal Identification Number (PIN)
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New AdSense use notice that after opening the account Google AdSense Account requires Personal Identification Number (PIN). And without activating your account without this number you can’t get payment from Google AdSense. Formerly this process was not required by Google AdSense but due to ensuring security of making payment Google has introduced this system. The main motive of this Personal Identification Number (PIN) is Address verification of account holder. There are some scammer use different address for multiple account by same person. So Google provide PIN code for reducing this kinds of problem.

Some newbie has got idea that for each website they require individual account. But this is wrong concept. If you have an approved Google AdSense Account then you can use this for multiple sites. But you have to remember that all sites should comply with Google AdSense terms of service.

After getting approval from Google AdSense team you would see that your payment status is uphold. Generally this message appear for unverified address and for US residence require Tax Identification Number (TIN). Luckily those who are from Asia they are not required to provide Tax Identification Number (TIN). If you are from Asia then you just have to verify your account by Google AdSense team.

Why AdSense Account Verification Is Needed?

For the security purpose  Google AdSense force you to verify your account. And Google AdSense will send you PIN number for verifying your account to ensure that getting earned money by right person or account holder. Otherwise your earnings will be kept “ON HOLD” until you verify your account.

on hold

And if you don't verify your AdSense account then it will stop display ads after 6 months. Beside of this you can't draw a single penny from your earned money.

How to make request for Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

In your approved Google AdSense Account you would see Send PIN option just click on it and Google AdSense team will send you the PIN number to your mailing address that you have entered in Account registration form. Now the question is when or how long require to receive the PIN code?

How long requires to receive the PIN code?

After making request for PIN to Google AdSense Support team I have received the PIN code in 3rd weeks. But most of the cases it takes 4 weeks but this is the maximum time to receive the PIN. If you doesn’t have received the PIN code within 4 weeks then again use Request a new PIN option to get the PIN code again.

Request PIN

How to Activate the PIN code?

If you have already received the PIN code from AdSense Support team then you would find details about activation. For activating the PIN you have to follow 4 simple steps from below-

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Step 1 Log in to your AdSense Account at with your email address and password you used during the application process.

Step 2 Now go to Home tab and click on Account settingin the left navigation bar.


Step 3 In the account information section, click on the verify address link.

Step 4 Now enter your received PIN code and click on Submit PIN.

After entering PIN code you would require submit your Tax Identification Number (TIN). If you are from US then you have to enter your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and details information on TIN form. AdSense account holder from other country simply have to declare that you are not from US. Google AdSense Support team record your IP address in their system for verifying your real location.
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