How to Organise Your Life and Start Saving Money?

Top 7 Simple Ways to Start Saving Money. These easy Steps to Start Organizing Your Finances explain the basic concepts of saving, budgeting, income.
When you look at the lives and homes of super couponers, homesteaders, preppers, and all-around cheapskates, no matter how different, you will find that they have one singular commonality. 

The people that save the most in life are also highly organised. If you still have drawers piled with junk and a calendar that you barely use, you could probably be doing just a little better. 

Whether you simply need to start cooking more at home and eating fewer takeaways, or coming up with a way to get your work documents better organised, there are tips to get it together. Organise your life and you can start to save money too. 

7 Ways to Be More Organized With Your Money

With these seven money tips, get your money organised! 

1. Pull Out Your Trusty Calendar 

From now on, you are going to writing down every appointment, due date, and important event you have upcoming in your life. A lot of the time when people say that they don't have time to coupon, compare prices or search for a better deal, they're actually telling the truth. When you are always running late or forgetting about important plans, you constantly feel overwhelmed. 

Moreover, you don't have the time or space to take on any other special projects. To organise your life, you have to have a well-organised schedule that accounts for all of the little things, too. So, having lists for items you need from the supermarket or writing down lists of things to do for the day also count as having a well-organised calendar you can use to get your life and savings on track. 

2. Figure Out What's Costing You the Most 

Now, you could take this next tip to mean that you need to identify what the biggest financial expenses are you have in life, or you could look to see which habits are costing you the most in terms of productivity. No one is productive 100 per cent of the time, but you may be engaging in some activities that are just costing you too much. 

Think about what you do within 24 hours, then see how much time you are investing in each task. All of those dreaded time-sinks will become apparent, and you will know which activities to cut back on. 

3. Get Rid of All Excess and Clutter 

Most organised people just have homes that are reflective of their more structured lifestyles. Consider for a moment that you have become a highly organised and efficient person you are striving to be. Your car is neat, clean, and recently vacuumed. Your travel bag has all of the essentials, your must-have personal effects, and a couple of items you have picked up in transit. 

Now, you walk into a home that has clutter on the dining room table, a bedroom with clothes crumpled on the floor, and a basement that is stuffed with boxes. Not only would your house not be reflective of the other parts of your existence, but you probably wouldn't be able to think or function as well as you thought you would before walking in the door. 

At, all sorts of cleaning and disinfecting supplies can be purchased in bulk and at a discount. Getting rid of the piles of junk, boxes of old stuff, and stacks of needless paper will help with organisation. 

Choose to get rid of it all at once, or take your time and work on your entire home. Just have your gloves, disinfecting wipes, and face mask ready to beat the clutter and clear away all the dust and cobwebs from your life. 

4. Create a System for Everything 

The best way to become better organised throughout your life is through creating a system for all that you do. Come up with daily routines that you can follow that will help you avoid situations such as losing your keys, or not knowing where to put the mail each day. Have a day of the week that you always do laundry, a time in which you do it, and a system for folding and putting away your clean clothes. Do the same when it comes to paying your bills, online shopping, or looking for coupons. 

When you have routines and systems, your life naturally becomes much more orderly. So, when something new comes up, you may be surprised, but you will immediately know when and how you will address the situation. Following systems in life allows you to be stress-free and confidently know that your life is completely manageable and in control. 

5. Take Care of All Core Responsibilities First 

If you want to be positioned to save money, then you have to be ready to pounce on a deal at any moment. And how do you do that? By taking care of your responsibilities when they present themselves, instead of when your back is against the proverbial wall. This means that you should be tackling your bills and other responsibilities like a champ. 

Know how to manage your money and pay off all of your bills before they are due. Set up a direct debit, check your bank account balances regularly, and use your credit card intelligently instead of to splurge. 

This way, you will know what money you have to spare as well as when it is smart to take advantage of a deal instead of saving your cash. 

6. Reprioritise Your Goals 

In your life, you have goals that you want to accomplish according to your values as well as your schedule. While time frames can and do shift, usually goals remain the same until they are met. This is the case unless a person experiences a shift in their perspectives on life and values. Suddenly desiring to save money and re-organise your life counts as having one of these shifts. 

As a result, your goals might also be different. You could also have more goals that you have to meet in the short run, to get to some bigger goals that you have for later on in life. So, now that you are re-organising your life, prioritising saving money, and focusing on becoming more productive, what are your new goals? It helps to write everything down and even revisit your goals every few months to ensure that you are striving towards what it is that you want. 

7. Take a Step Back Frequently 

Ever feel like your life is going a mile a minute, and you can barely keep up as you zip from one task to the next? Well, you wouldn't be alone if you said yes, but then you probably aren't feeling very in control of your life either. The best way to save money, resources, and time is by being stable enough to be able to make sound decisions. When you are just rushing from one responsibility to the next, you grab whatever you can along the way and pay a premium for life's necessities. 

For instance, if you are always rushing to work so you won't be late, you aren't going to have time to even glance at your receipt. Additionally, those will also be the mornings that you pay for coffee to go instead of brewing it practically for free at home and saving money. So, take a step back, and do it again and again, whenever you are feeling rushed, stressed, or out of control of your life. 

Having the time to keep your coupons neatly clipped and stored in a binder means that your life is organised properly. Get involved in prepping foods for bulk storage or growing your garden when you will have the time to stay involved from beginning to end, uninterrupted. 

Saving money by working on your budget, selling your old clothes, or even refinancing your car is going to take the organisation in your life. Get started by looking at how you are handling life in general first.
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