How To Schedule A Post on tumblr?

schedule post on tumblr blog

Schedule post is a powerful feature which is included in almost all blogging platforms. Fortunately tumblr included this great feature in their platform.  We can utilize schedule post while we are on vacation or travelling for a week. In addition, this is handy feature for students because before exam they can schedule posts to publish it later dates.

Majority of Part time Bloggers are use schedule post because of lack of time to write. So whenever they get time write couple of article and schedule it for publish automatically in later date.

Those who are newly blogging on tumblr then they can learn how to schedule a post on their tumblr Blog?

How to schedule a post on tumblr?

I have already explain what is schedule post and now I will show you how to schedule post while you blog on tumblr.

Step 1 Please visit and log in to your tumblr account with email and password. If you have multiple tumblr blog under one account then select the right one where you want to make schedule post.

Step 2 Now you will get access on tumblr dashboard. From there you will find a set of icons for creating posts such as Text, Photo, quote, link, audio, video etc. Alternatively you can click on pen icon at the top right corner for making a new post.

publish post later date on tumblr

Step 3 Write any post there and for example purpose I have shared an URL from my Blog and tumblr automatically generated post thumbnail and URL. Now you can publish the post by clicking on Post button. But we will schedule this post thus tumblr publish it on later date. So instead of clicking the Post button to submit your post immediately on tumblr Blog, Click the arrow next to that Post button. A dropdown menu will appear instantly, and for scheduling this post choose the Schedule. Underneath, you will see a small text box where you can select a later date and time for publishing the post. And after setting the date and time hit the Schedule button to list your post in queue. Don’t worry your post will not be published until the date and time that you entered.

How to see my schedule post?

After scheduling a post it will disappear from Dashboard. But actually not, you can find it on queue option. So to get access on scheduled posts please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Click Account icon from top right corner of the screen. And account option will expend.

post queue

Step 2 From there select Queue to see your schedule Post. Your scheduled post will now displaying on tumblr dashboard.

set schedule post

However you can change the schedule timezone from there. And if you think you want to post it now then you have to click Post button. As a result instantly your Blog post will publish in your Blog.

In conclusion, like schedule post thumblr has many small but important features. So use those to improve your tumblr blogging experience. Thank you.


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    1. Include the JavaScript SDK on your page once, ideally right after the opening <body tag.
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      Apnar template edit kore JavaScript SDK <body> ar nice paste kore template save koron.

      <div id="fb-root"></div>
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      appId=800115173391762 aaita change kore niyen karon aaita amar ID.

      r nicer code ta sidebar a HTML widget niye add koron taholei kaj hobe.

      <div class="fb-page"

      data-width="340" ta change kore niyen
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      only <body lkhe search den tahole paben. :>
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