How to Fix publisher:missing and required Error from Blogger?

Learn how to solve publisher:missing and required (AMP) error issue from your Blogger template?
Blogger already rolled out (AMP) Accelerated Mobile pages articles which are mainly concern about mobile-friendly website. Because by using this AMP project Google finds out the fastest website and display them at the top of search engine result page.

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AMP measure a site’s performance by several attributes. And among them, Publisher is a very important attribute. Through this attribute, the search robot can understand who the publisher of a website is?

Generally, the publisher is not the author or admin. You may think you are publishing articles so you are a publisher. This is absolutely wrong. Because you are the author or admin of your site but the publisher is your Site. For example, in my site
  • Author: Rabbi Khan
  • Publisher: Blogger Spice
The publisher is an item of Two things are different from each other. Recently you will see publisher error in most of the Blogger template or WordPress theme. For finding the error you must use any structured data testing tool, just visit the below URL and by Click on Fetch URL test your Blog site.
If your Blogger template has this error then you will see the publisher:missing and required in red colour text like below image.

AMP articles error

This means the search engine can’t understand who is the publisher of your site? If you add the attribute with the author then it won’t help you to solve the issue. So in this tutorial, I will show you how exactly we can fix this error?

However, remember that Google hasn’t provided any specific guidelines to fix the error. So we can solve this issue in a different way. For this reason, I am sharing the solution which one I have used in my Blogger template to solve the issue.

Step 1 Go to and Sign in to your account

Step 2 From Blogger Dashboard click on ->Template ->Edit HTML 

Step 3 And locate script like below from your Blogger template

<article class='post hentry' itemprop='blogPost' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''>

Generally this markup remain below <b:includable id='post' var='post'> line.

Step 4 Now copy the below schema markup code and paste it below of <article class='post hentry' itemprop='blogPost' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''> code.

<div itemprop='publisher' itemscope='' itemtype=''>
<div itemprop='logo' itemscope='' itemtype='' style='display:none;'>
      <img src='Your Logo URL Here'/>
      <meta content='Your Logo URL Here' itemprop='url'/>
  <meta content='380' itemprop='width'/>
  <meta content='100' itemprop='height'/>
  <meta expr:content='data:blog.title' itemprop='name'/>


  • Please replace Your Logo URL Here with your logo image URL.
  • And alter the Logo Image width 380 and height 100. I have added this dimension because my logo Image URL size is 380px X 100px. Your Logo size may be different so first measure the dimension by using any photo editing software and then alter the dimension width and height. Google required 600px X 600px size publisher Logo.
Step 5 Now Click on Save template button from the top right corner of the screen.

Now it’s time to test the site to see the publisher attribute. If Error is still remaining then it will show the red alert. If not then you will see the result like below image.
publisher error fixed

Congratulation you have successfully fixed the publisher error. Publisher scripts for AMP articles we have place it inside Blog post. 

But we are using image object (Logo image) for our publisher identity for search engine, as a result, the image will be visible inside our Blog post. But don’t worry, in this script I have added a CSS code thus image object remain hidden inside Blog post body. 

Thanks for reading and following my guidelines. If you are facing any trouble for fixing the error then feel free to write to me.
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