How to Add Official Featured Post Widget in Blogger Site?

featured post widget

This is great one of the most beautiful widget that released by Blogger officially. This is Featured Post widget. Featured Post widget can be seen on WordPress site only and many Blogger Platform users wants to use this feature in their Blogger template. However there are many developers has released various featured post widget by tweaking Blogger default post. But those tricks were cumbersome and bloggers don’t like that.

Now Blogger platform users got a great opportunity to tailor their Blog site with featured post. This widget helps differently. For example-
  • If you have a media Blog then you can show up latest Music Album or Videos.
  • Template designer can highlight their latest and featured template by using Featured Post widget.
  • Any kinds of events any be highlight by using this widget
  • In addition you can highlight any Discount and offer through this widget.

So we can see for various purposes we can use this widget. Now I will show you how to add this widget in Blogger template. Please read through for learning the process.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Go to your Layout tab.

Step 3 Click on Add a Gadget then Under Basics tab select Featured Post widget.

featured post gadget

Step 4 Now Featured Post widget configuration page will appear. You have to configure it according to your desire.

Step 5 Write Gadget title in first field. And you can choose to show either post title or image or not. Just you have to put tick on it by using mouse pointer.

configure featured post

Step 6 Now you have to select a featured post label. You can see all posts under all labels or you can select specific label first to display posts under that label. So select a featured post label by using drop menu.

Step 7 And simply click on any post title to see preview on right side of the window.

Step 8 Finally scroll down and click on orange color Save button. That’s it.

You can check your Blogger template to see your featured post image. From my point of view the ideal place for featured post widget is Blogger Sidebar. Because most of the visitor first look at the right sidebar. 


  1. Unknown
    This is an essential post for every blogger. Thanks for sharing this post. It will be a helpfull post for them who knows about blogger a little.
    • BloggerSpice
      Thanks for valuable feedback. But I think this widget has fill up the expectation and demand of blogger community.
  2. Redazione
    If we wish to add two or more post?
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi Redazione..Currently We can show only one featured post. Later if we can develop then maybe it can be possible to display more post.
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