How to fix Sitemap Disaster in Google’s Indexing Pipeline?

How to fix Sitemap Disaster in Google’s Indexing Pipeline
Google search console

There is biggest disaster in Google’s sitemap Indexing Pipeline. If you have already submitted your Blog or website sitemap to Google Webmaster tools then you should check now. Because after 25th September 2015 most of the indexed link dropped rapidly.

If your Blog or website has more than 500 posts and Google has indexed all but just check it now and see that your indexed links decreased to 151. Because there are major problem causing in Google’s indexing pipeline. According to Google they are working on that. But in the meantime you will be loser. Because you would see most of the link removed from Google’s search Engine.

Though Google is working on it but if we depend on Google then we may lose significant number of traffic. In this circumstances I have found a solution, which is page based indexing. This means we will index our sitemap page basis.

sitemap index problem

You can have a look on former indexing system. But this is not working right now.
  • For up to 500 posts  atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
  • For more than 500 posts atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=500
  • For more than 1000 posts atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1001&max-results=500

Because Google will index only 148 or 151 link under per submit. So the solution is indexing sitemap page based. Because per page Google can detect now 150 links and they index it on Google search console. You can see from below image that the number of content Google has indexed under sitemap.

indexing dropped

For re-indexing your Blog sitemap Please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to and sign in with Gmail account

Step 2 Now click on your blog to enter it to the webmaster Tools 

Step 3 From left side click on Crawl to expend and select Sitemaps 

test and add sitemap

Step 4 At the top right side click on red color Add/Test Sitemap button.

Step 5 Now add your sitemap at once like below code

  •  (Recommended Method)

If you are having problem with above method then simply add your sitemap page by page. And click on blue color Submit Sitemap button. For example

  • sitemap.xml?page=1 (This will Index 150 posts from your first page)
  • sitemap.xml?page=2 (This will Index another 150 posts from your first page)
  • sitemap.xml?page=3 (This will Index another 150 posts from your first page)
  • sitemap.xml?page=4 (This will Index another 150 posts from your first page)
  • sitemap.xml?page=5 (This will Index another 150 posts from your first page)

Note that If your Blog has 500 posts then you have to submit upto page 4. Because up to page 4 Google will able to index 600 post from a Blog.

sitemap submitted
In case of my Blog you will see my total post number 803. And I have submitted post up to Page 6. From Page 1 to Page 5 = 750 posts indexed by Google. And after submitting page 6 (e.g sitemap.xml?page=6) Google has indexed rest of the 53 posts. So now If I make any new post in my Blog then all post will be index under page 6 and when my post will reach 900 then I have to submit page 7 (e.g sitemap.xml?page=7).

I hope this will help you until a better solution of Google sitemap index pipeline. However still Google’s engineers are working hard to fix this issue.  
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