What Languages AdSense supports?

What Languages AdSense supports?
AdSense supported language

Most of the new Blogger create and maintain a Blog for generating income. Blogging is most popular platform among students. Because they can earn money beside of their study. But for earning money a Blogger must register with Ads company thus Blogger can display ads on their Blog. There are many advertisement company available over the net. But if you want to make real money they you must try with AdSense. Because this advertising company running by Google. And 100% guarantee that you will get payment.

However there are several strict rules and regulation that you must follow the use Google AdSense in you Blog. Among them your site must be compatible with AdSense supported language. For example Bangla Language is not supported by Google AdSense. So If you apply for AdSense for your Bangla Blog then Google AdSense team won't approve the account.  So before applying for AdSense you must know which language Google AdSense approve.

You can see the below Language lists which is supported by Google AdSense.

AdSense Supported Languages 
Arabic Greek
Hebrew Romanian
Chinese (simplified) Chinese (traditional)
Hindi Russian
Hungarian Serbian
Croatian Indonesian
Slovak Czech
Italian Slovenian
Danish Japanese
Korean Swedish
Thai Estonian
Finnish Malay
Ukrainian French
Norwegian Vietnamese

You can previously set your Blogger site language from Blogger Dashboard. After getting approval from Google AdSense it will start displaying relevant ads on your selected language.  
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