Display AdSense Ads approve from YouTube on Blog Site

Display AdSense Ads approve from YouTube on Blog Site

hosted adsense account

AdSense account is can be 2 types Hosted and Normal. But many users don't know the difference between those two ads account type. So first I am making clarification between Hosted and Normal AdSense account.

What is Adsense Hosted Account?

Using AdSense account has some restriction because only on approved site AdSense account will be visible. Adsense has many hosted site like YouTube, Blogspot or Hubpages and if you got approval from their hosted sites then your AdSense account will be a Hosted AdSense account. You can’t use this Adsense account on any other domain name/ site.

What is Adsense Normal Account?

Normal account is as usual that you have to apply AdSense account for any specific Blog or Website. And after reviewing if AdSense team found your site complying with their terms and condition then they will approve it.

Difference between Normal and hosted Account
Normal Account: Normal AdSense account can be use on any webSites/Domain owned by you. You can add as many site as you like if all of your Blog site comply with AdSense's terms and conditions. Adsense Hosted account: By AdSense hosted account you will able to display ad units on Youtube, BlogSpot, Hubpages (Sites which let you apply for Adsense and use ad codes on their domain).

In this tutorial I will show you how to display Hosted AdSense account's ads on own Blog site. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your AdSense Account and Go to your AdSense Dashboard

Step 2 You will see Allow & block ads tab so click on there.

manage adsense account

Step 3 Now from the sidebar click on Manage link.

Step 3 You will be headed to Site management page. There by default you will see www.youtube.com because you have got AdSense account approval from YouTube. But to display ads on your Blog site add your Blog URL on blank field under owned tab without http://.

site management

Step 4 Now click on red color ADD SITE button. Instantly your Blog URL will be Include on AdSense account.

Step 5 Finally Click on My ads tab and from sidebar click on Ad units. After that click on + New ad unit button to generate ad code.

In order to review your application by AdSense team, you must place your ad code on your Blog site or webpages that you submitted to AdSense team. Note that blank ads will be shown until your application is approved.

That's it. After reviewing your site AdSense team will give you Approval. And AdSense ads will start display on your site.
Unknown says: 7/02/2015

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BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/02/2015

Commenting is good but don't share your blog link frequently. Because Google treat Blog URL on Comment section as Spam. As a result your Blog Rank may drop rapidly. :as

Unknown says: 7/02/2015

vhi amar website a onek din dorei adsense ar jonno hosted korte cassi,but hytese na..sudu blank ad ase .mane oder review akono hy nai..ami akn ki korte pari?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/02/2015

Hosted AdSense account use korte hole apnake obossoi ''Privacy Policy'' and ''Disclaimer'' page add korte hobe. oterwise AdSense team review korar somoy rejec kore dibe. R site must be quality content thakte hobe. Copy paste kora content thakle reject kore dibe. Actually YouTube approved account ekhon totally restricted tai newly apply koratai valo. ^_^

Sandesh Chauhan says: 7/04/2015

Hello can u plz tell me how to remove grid post in a blogger template my blog is www.sbiporecruitment.com

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/05/2015

Hi Sandesh.. this is a paid template designed by MKR.. if you have purchased this template then ask him how to remove Grid Post completely.

Sandesh Chauhan says: 7/05/2015

Hello I haven't purchased is there any other solution??

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 7/05/2015

Sorry bro.. Grid and List Auto readmore code is connected with each other. if you delete any code then both style stop working.

Unknown says: 10/23/2015

amar adsense account balance zero hoia gese .....karon ta ki bhai bolte parben?

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 10/23/2015

Ji Vai apni Google AdSense policy violate korcen. Apnar pora site different Books er download link ace jar copyright owner (author) apni na. Apni karo created or written or any software main owner er permission cara share korte parben na. Ajonno apnar Google AdSense account disable kore dice. R balace zeo mane apni hoyto nije nijei ad a click korcen, tai Invalid click er karone apnar AdSense account disable kore dice. Tai apnar aai site a apni r Google AdSense account use korte parben na. Alternative way all download link remove korte hobe and AdSense a request korte hobe. But ora sohoje account active korbe na. New kono site create kore 100% genuin content likhe abar appeal koron tahole AdSense account active hote pare. Thanks

Unknown says: 10/24/2015

Thnx for reply....amar j gmail Id dia AdSense khola sei gmail diai ki ami abar AdSense account khulte parbo?

Unknown says: 10/24/2015

AdSense policy somporke apnar kono article ase ?

Unknown says: 10/24/2015

Download link remove korle sekhetre amar jnno onno upai ta ki hote pare ? Please answer me

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 10/24/2015

AdSense policy somporke jante caile AdSense er site a direct porte parben. Nicer link ta follow koron-


BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 10/24/2015

Download link remove kore apni Book review lekhte paren. But review article gola must be 600+ word a hote hobe. Tarpor AdSense a appeal koron. For more details you can call me at 01919912344

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 10/24/2015

Apni jodi kono payment receive kore na thaken tahole new ID diye apply kora valo. r Jodi payment received korcen ai account theke tahole poran ID diyai appeal korte hobe. Appeal er somoy address ta change kore diyen. Aro kico technique ace ooigola follow korte hobe. Jemon new Blog or new niche. Disabled account reactive korte onek somoy lage.

Unknown says: 6/08/2016

vi i am badsha.
i want to know can i use youtube adsense account to blogger blog. and earn from it.

BloggerSpice says: ADMIN 6/08/2016

Hi Badsha..Now it is not possible to use YouTube AdSense account on Blogger site. You have to take approval separately for your Blogger site. Otherwise your AdSense ad won't display in your site. Thank you.

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