How do I use Custom Domain Name for Blogger Blog?

How do I use Custom Domain Name for Blogger Blog
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Blogger is a best free Platform where user can use custom domain easily with unlimited bandwidth. There are two ways a user can publish their blog on Blogger - either hosting it on Blogspot like- or hosting on your own custom domain like- or But the most beneficial think is that you can change your domain anytime without losing your content.

Suppose I am using custom domain and if think that I will use Google hosting domain like then I can remove the custom domain by 1 click. Again if I want to change my domain name then easily change the domain name by purchasing another one. and use that on old Google hosting server.

In this tutorial I will show you how we can use custom domain name for our Blogger's Blog site. To do this we have to work in 2 side. First we have to work on Blogger site and after that we have to work on Domain Control Panel that is generally use for make a bridge between Domain and Hosting site thus a Webmaster can setup custom domain. Using Custom Domain give your site more professional shape and address.

For purchasing a custom Domain name. Which cost you not more than $10. And this is very cheap to become a owner of a branded site with custom domain. But many new blog users don’t know how to set DNS (Domain Name System) for setting up custom domain name for blogger site. But the custom domain setting is very easy by the help of Domain cPanel. Please follow the instructions below for setting up Blogger custom domain and DNS.

Point your own registered URL to your blog

First of all we have to point own registered URL to our Blog. It will help you to get Label and Destination target for DNS server. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on -> Settings and choose -> Basic

setup domain

Step 3 Under Publishing locate Blog Address and Click on +Set up a third-party URL for your blog.
redirect domain
Step 4 Under Third-party domain settings next to http:// write your custom domain name that you have purchased from domain seller. Remember that write your domain name with www, for example  and click on Save orange color button.

set domain

Step 5 You will see an error, but don't worry this step for getting right Name, label or Host field and Destination, Target or Point To field. You will see 2 codes has appeared. Those are required for Domain name System. 

So now leave that page but don't close and go to your Domain control panel setup.

How to Setup DNS (Domain Name System) from cPanel

Domain Name System (DNS) Servers are computers with stored data in them such as A (address) records, NS (Name Server) records and MX (Mail Exchanger) records. They are basically computers which have network operating systems installed and resolve host names to their corresponding IP addresses. A DNS server is provided to each and every ISP (Internet Service Provider) which receives requests of name resolution from subscribed ISP which then resolves host name to an IP address.

For setting up custom domain we need to fill up 3 Records under DNS (Domain Name System) management Control Panel.
  1. A Records
  2. CNAME Records and
  3. NS Records
Now go to their website and login by your id and password.

Step 1 Login to your Domain control Panel with access id and password from Control Panel you will get search option for get your domain name or it will be listed on their page, it varies. In case of search option, Write your domain name (example. and hit the enter button. And click on Domain name. Remember that in Domain control panel your domain name will be without www For example

enter domain name

Step 2 It will redirect you to DNS Management Page.  Now Click On Manage DNS. It will take you manage record page where you have to fill up- 
  1. A Records
  2. CNAME Records and
  3. NS Records
manage DNS

Step 3 Now click on A Records and a new page will come like below. In the Host Name write ‘www’ and under destination IPv4 Address write the four IP Address of Google. Those are as follows where you have to put one by one and click on Add Record. And this is fixed for all domain that hosted on Goggle Blogger.

Step 4 Now click on CNAME Records tab and click on Add CNAME Records. After that write the Host field and Destination field data that you have found on your Blogger setting page. You will find the information in Step 5 from above under Point your own registered URL to your blog. Now write ‘www’ in Host Name and in value box. 


Finally click on add record. Put the code one by one. Now you are done.


After adding the value you will see CNAME records status is Active. that means this is ready to response on Blogger server. 

A records

Step 5 After that now click on NS Records  name server records and again click on Add NS Record. Remember that Name server record varies company to company. Most of the case you will get an notification that name server will automatically set for your custom domain.

NS record

Step 6 After successfully added the information logout from there and get back to your blogger setting page. You were seen an error, with Name, label or Host field and Destination, Target or Point To field. Now simply click on Save orange color button. If you will see, still error message displaying then wait for certain period of time. In most of the cases it take 24 hours to activate the custom domain. So try after sometimes and press on orange color Save button. If everything is ok then your domain will be set.

third party domain

Redirecting the domain

In this stage we will redirect the domain. Suppose my blog URL is and if anybody type only then they won't able to enter on my blog. so there need a little redirect setup.

Step 1 After successfully setting up the domain we will sow set the redirect option. Just again Go to 
            -> Settings and choose -> Basic ->Edit Next to domain name.

Step 2 Now put tick the Redirect... to.. check box. which is below of your site address.

Step 3 Finally press on orange color Save button.

That's all about custom domain setting on Blogger. I hope you have understood the Tutorial and now you will be able to set up your custom domain easily. remember that this is an example and your Domain control panel maybe different. So just focus on the tutorial's main part and try to find same path on your domain control panel. If you have any query just leave a comment below I will help you to set your custom domain. Thank you. 
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