How to delete WordPress Themes from Dashboard?

How to delete WordPress Themes from Dashboard

WordPress user able to keep multiple template on the dashboard. Suppose you want to install and keep backup of 10 themes then you can keep it in WordPress dashboard. But you can only use as default theme. Sometimes due to shortage of hosting storage we have to delete some files from our dashboard. So it is better option to delete themes from WordPress dashboard to make some space vacant. In addition there are more reason to delete stored themes. Suppose the theme has affected by malware or your current theme is not supporting the latest plugins, in this case deleting the current theme will be a wise decision. Instead of that you would able to latest WordPress themes from theme directory or buy professional themes from designer. However before you proceed to the tutorial must know that you can’t undelete your deleted theme if you don’t have any backup theme file. In this tutorial we will learn how we can delete WordPress theme?

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard 

Step 2 Click on ->Appearance ->Themes. Now you will see your installed theme.


Step 3 Mouse over on Theme’s thumbnail and click on Theme Details link. A new popup window
will appear.


Step 4 So click on Delete button from bottom right of the window. A warning message will popup 

again. Simply click on OK button.

Remember that you can delete only inactive themes not any active theme. If you want to delete your current used theme that is active in your WordPress site then you have to select another theme first and after that you will able to delete the current theme.

After successfully delete the theme check your WordPress dashboard that it is no longer available there. 
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